Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Unprecedented Political Violence and the Emerging Market on fire!

Unprecedented Political Violence and the Emerging Market on fire!
Palash Biswas
Free market economy means Unprecedented Political Violence and the Emerging Market on fire!Sikh genocide opened the floodgates and neoliberal children encashed it further as DR Manmohan Singh was incarnated as Reform god just amidst Ram Mandir Rathyatra ATM of Hindu imperialism  launched in eighties,anti reservation furnace fed and a volatile violent time ripe for Babri Mosque demolition.

Gujarat Genocide was the perfect timing of reforms as it happened that the genocide masters hold the key to power and Refoms romp home with no resistance.Such is the terror.

Mujaffarnagar to Mujaffarpur,it is all bleeding.It is everything on fire.
Conversion drive adds more hatred ,more fire.
Salwa Judum is nonstop displacement drive.
Legislation means displacement,deportation and ethnic cleansing with the flavour of Polonium 210 with nuclear energy option opted for mass destruction and citizenship law amended so every law of the land mutilated to invoke the gods and goddesses,semigods and semigoddesses,holy men and women to launch cent percent Hindutva drive ,the most important recipe of unprecedented violence to colonize Indian subcontinent.
Extremism all over the geopolitics,everykind of violence in the bleeding geopolitics subjected to continuous holcaust after the partition to install caste hegemony which further boosted caste politics to sustain Manusmriti economics and alignment with the Zionist global order of ethnic cleasning sets this blooddy emerging market on fire for richer harvesting for  multinational capital.
I am posting a news item from Bangladesh a case study of a yearlong political violence which suits only the foreign interests.
Just compare it with the scenario at home.That is it.
এ কেমন বর্বরতা ?




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