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के हो धर्म भनेको? Samkaleen Teesri Dunia has focused on Nepal Crisis and I add some updates right for Nepal landed in my inbox! Palash Biswas

के हो धर्म भनेको?

Samkaleen Teesri Dunia has focused on Nepal Crisis and I add some updates right for Nepal landed in my inbox!

Palash Biswas

नेपाल संविधान, मधेस और नाकाबंदी

संविधान, मधेस और नाकाबंदी

अंक: अक्टूबर- नवम्बर 2015

इस अंक के प्रमुख आकर्षण:

कवि वीरेन डंगवाल नहीं रहे
फासीवाद के खिलाफ लेखकों- कलाकारों का अभियान
नेट न्यूट्रेलिटी और मोदी-जुकरबर्ग मिलन
बिसाहड़ा (दादरी) के खतरनाक निहितार्थ
वारांगल में मुठभेड़ के नाम पर हत्या
हड़ताल और मजदूर संघों की चुनौतियां

आगे पढ़ें

We have to address this problem so India and Nepal should remain friends as we always have been,so that we should not lose strategical as well as Natural advantage in Nepal.We should be grateful to Anand Swarup Varma for his indepth insight as the editor of Samakaleen Teesri Dunia and his commitment to Indo Nepal friendship and peace and humanity!

We still fail to understand that Nepalese people would not allow Monarchy nor they would opt for Hindu Nation as well!

We have to recognize that Nepal is not holding on religious nationalism any more nor it has to glorify Monarchy any more!

We have to recognize that Nepal has opted for Secular Democrat Constitution with ninety nine percent representation by the people of Nepal!

We have to respect them irrespective of our political agenda!

Here I add some updates from Nepal:

धर्म भनेको एक डुंगा जस्तै हो। नदी वा समुद्र पार गर्नको लागी डुंगा चढेर गएर पार गरेपछि डुंगाको आवश्यकता नहुने जस्तै धर्म भनेको नजानेको नसुनेको जान्ने र सुन्ने कुरा हुन्। शिक्षित भएर सभ्य भइसकेका ब्यक्तिलाइ धर्मको आवश्यकता हुँदैन।

- डा. सुवन् वज्राचार्य

Kings as Avatar was a misconception,a grand superstition among the superstitious and mostly propagated by his sycophants for their own vested interests like  obsequiousness as  Dhanushtankar namaskar etc.Suffice it to say this.Look at another avatar of Dear leader in N. Korea!

Personal beliefs have nothing to do with all these craps ,least of all  real spirituality.
As a practitioner of multiple religions including Budhism,I think we should all try to be good human beings with kindness,love,compassion and a wish for the good of all without any prejudice while shunning the evil passions like,lust,greed,anger,hatred,jealousy,aversions,false ego etc;main reason Budhism and Hinduism ,provide if followed to its truth,have common.Only realized knowledge brings the  truth not the bookish knowledge.
Both co-existed in Nepal since time immemorial;so why make it an issue when the nation is facing the worst crisis for survival ?
Gentlemen and  a few ladies,
Let us prioritize and take all necessary actions to aid our beleaguered nation.And let us keep these philosophical discussions for an opportune time.We can always fight afterward once we are rid of the biggest enemy of all.
Thank you.

Ram B. Chhetri

I think the concept Avatar does not comply with the fundamental philosophy of Buddha and Buddhism. It is what I used to read King of Nepal as Avatar of Narayana. Because,

1. Buddha and Buddhism itself rejects the concept of GOD and GODDISM. That is why Buddhism was destroyed by Adi-Shankara and his followers and wiped out of India for more than 800 years. Shri-Lanka remained and barely survived in the foothills of the Himalaya.
2. Shakyamuni Buddha was a historic figure, a teacher, pathfinder, Peace Seeker, enlightened one, Rimpochhe, Tathagata and so on.
3. Whether Shakyamuni Buddha was born in Nepal or not is a scientific, historic, archaeological, geographical verification.
4. I wish misconception without any proof and verification be not be used to debate here. Lay-people might do but not people who are here in this thread.

Maitreya !

Kishore Sherchand
Lumbini - Kapilvastu Peace Movement

As a matter of fact and serious as I am, Lord Shakya-Muni Buddha is never the9th Incarnation of God Narayan at all.  All who believe that wrong concept are all top liars only !  If you could kindly alleviate that wrong interpretation forever, please.  Even Rev. Satya Narayan Goenka has properly convinced the Indian Parliament that Lord Shakya-Muni Buddha is never the 9th Incarnation of God Vishnu plus that Lord Shakya-Muni Buddha was born in Lumbini of Nepal instead of Odissa of India.  This has been re-confirmed by New Delhi.  How dare everybody ignores the noble quotation of a religious practitioner like Rev. Satya Narayan Goenka.  They would be too foolish to commit so.  You can't always depend upon useless and baseless hearsay rumors, you see.  Sinners but will try to envy the Buddhist philosophy.  Mr. Narendra Modi is a notorious hypocrite after all. 
With fervent regards and modest greetings. Glory be the Peace Grove of Lumbini !  Praise be the Great Himalayas !  Thanking you, I remain ---

Faithfully yours,

Amrit Ratna Tuladhar
Tourism Entrepreneur
Tourism Journalist
Research Analyst
Freelance Writer        

Looks like a list of Vishnu avatars. I mean the similar philosophy.

Jyoti Thapa Mani

Dear Sir:
Further to my correspondence of 15th November (Sunday) as copied below and fetching no right response against it, I hereby today find myself drawing your generous attention on your cooperation that could be extended at this end at your earliest convenience. Below please find the relevant list of the BUDDHASthat have come and gone in Asia. There virtually include 28 of them in a formal sequence. Please be informed that on the waiting list stands "Maitriya Buddha." Or more accurately, Maitriya is the Future Buddha that is anticipated by all devout Buddhists of the world.
01/ Tanhankar Buddha
02/ Sharanankar Buddha
03/ Kondannya Buddha
04/ Suman Buddha
05/ Sobhit Buddha
06/ Padum Buddha
07/ Padmottar Buddha
08/ Sujat Buddha
09/ Atthadassi Buddha
10/ Siddhattha Buddha
11/ Phussa Buddha
12/ Sikhi Buddha
13/ Kakusandha Buddha
14/ Kassap Buddha
15/ Medhangar Buddha
16/ Dipangkar Buddha
17/ Mangal Buddha
18/ Revat Buddha
19/ Anomadassi Buddha
20/ Narad Buddha
21/ Sumedh Buddha
22/ Piyadassi Buddha
23/ Dhammadassi Buddha
24/ Tissa Buddha
25/ Vipassi Buddha
26/ Bessabhu Buddha
27/ Konagaman Buddha
28/ Goutam Buddha
Thus it is to be understood that so far the first Buddha is Tanhankar Buddhaand the last Buddha is Goutam Buddha. Dhammakirti Thervad Vihar in event provided me the Buddha list, you see. You are highly obliged to trace the precise dates of these Tathagats or Bodhisattwas when they took abode on earth and the exact locations within Asia too. In other words, please avail me the precise "Ages" or "Yugas" they are related to. We trust that you are a veteran on the Buddhist philosophy. As such we not only trust you but rely/depend upon you as well for the imminent research as eagerly expedited in Nepal. I shall be immensely grateful to you in advance for your authentic research. Only heaven knows which is the oldest religion on the global planet.
With fervent regards and modest greetings. Glory be Nepal Mandal ! Thanking you once more, I remain ---

Faithfully yours,

Amrit Ratna Tuladhar
Tourism Entrepreneur
Tourism Journalist
Research Analyst
Freelance Writer

We have ultimately discovered that you are the best amongst all the Shresthas on earth to know about the Buddha-Dharma very well. As such, we summon you back to Nepal. Why don't you take a mean break for a while and head for Nepal Mandal at the soonest. We wish to offer you the high post of the Chancellor on behalf of SIDDHARTHA UNIVERSITY. The Bhante needs you a lot ! This is no joke at all, you see. He is often to be found in his sick bed these days. Thus we trust that the New Constitution will pass the bylaws of the mentioned Buddhist varsity and get it officially registered in the "Ministry of Education" at the earliest under your dynamic guidance. It is almost two decades that we have set an attempt on getting it approved by the Government of Nepal indeed, but in vain. The past Premiers and Education Ministers were all found to be top liars that I know of very well. The Prime Ministers include Girija Prasad Koirala, Surya Bahadur Thapa, Kirti Nidhi Bista, Sher Bahadur Deupa, Dr. Babu Ram Bhattarai while the Education Ministers include Yog Prasad Upadhyaya, Amod Prasad Upadhyaya, Pradip Nepal, Ganga Lal Tuladhar, Chitra Lekha Yadav. They just kept on promising us but the proper formality never got committed completely at all. Our delegations just stood any unwanted failures. Our untiring perseverance in event became worthless. Where is our human rights after all ? Who is held solely responsible to penalize the dirty sinners ? The merciless Panchayat Regime is gone; the dictatorial Constitutional Monarchy is gone; the corrupted Multi-Party System is gone. As such, we bear faith in the administration run under the New Constitution that our humble demand shall be honored straight. In other words, the republican government is expedited to take affirmative steps towards SIDDHARTHA UNIVERSITY without any delay. You are also supposed to teach the entire staff of the Government of Nepal the 'Four Noble Truths' and the 'Eight Fold Path.' We look forward to your brotherly cooperation. Or more accurately, you are much obliged to control the new governmental authority of Nepal swinging under the New Constitution for which we shall stand immensely grateful.
With fervent regards and modest greetings. Long live Shrestha-Tuladhar solidarity ! Long live Nepalese unity ! Long live Newa friendship ! Praise be the Buddha-Dharma ! Glory be the Himalayan Ranges ! Thanking you once more, I remain ---

Faithfully yours,

Amrit Ratna Tuladhar
Tourism Entrepreneur
Tourism Journalist
Research Analyst
Freelance Writer
Ven. Sunanda Mahasthavir
Nala Hill, Kabhre Dist., Nepal
City Office:
"Shakya Simha Vihar"
Thaina Tole, Patan - 12
Lalitpur District, Nepal
Telephone: 977-1-5530607
Mobile: 9841399557

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