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Mail from Nepal To hang the top 500 corrupt present day leaders!

Mail from Nepal To hang the top 500 corrupt present day leaders!

Hasng the top 500 corrupt present day leaders

Kalyan dev Bhattarai

Dear friends, I have no enmity with any of the present day leaders, many of them are known to me and I have discussed hours with most of them. From any standard I am well educated BSC distinction Calcutta University, MSC ,from Benaras H. University, Remote Sensing from USA, Photo geology from ITC (Netherlands), BA Economics from TU Took part in many training programs/courses ,served Government  for more than 19 years ,worked in more than 100s project most of them ADB and WB projects, presented 50-60 technical papers in different seminars, symposium congress, participated in many experts meeting of UN in USA, Germany, Jakarta etc 100s of political articles published In all most all Nepalese daily and weekly newspaper, published 4-5 books  contributed in Remote sensing year Book published By Francis and Taylor (1981)  served the COSPAR (committee on space research ) under UN , as coordinator  for 2 years

This background became necessary today to proof the friends and intellectuals  that what I am advocating "To hang the top 500 corrupt present day leaders "is neither expression of my anger nor expression of frustration, this is a must to save this beautiful country from the dirty clutches of the corrupt crook present day slave leaders and their master India.

Just think seriously what we citizen of Nepal received after 2046 Andolan, .Yes I was also on the street during 2046 Andolan and leading the professional group as a coordinator of the Professional Solidarity Group,(PSG) and its contribution to make the 2046 Andolan success is well explained in many published book. I still feel to take part in the 2046 Andolan was not wrong even though it could not achieve any progress, positive changes in the country, and failed to raise the living standard of the citizen. Yes the 2046 Andolan is totally failed. It failed because our so called leaders whom we trusted  turn out to be corrupt power hungry traitors

As the saying goes "one stitch in time saves nine " if we fail to hang the top 500 present day corrupt leaders today and followed the present day culture of impunity tomorrow it will be too late   and this country Nepal may be existing in history only. Take the present case of Indian blockade the Foreign minister says openly that the problem lies in the fact that many Nepalese leaders committed to India and they failed to fulfill their commitment. Now what are those commitments made by the slave of India like Prachanda, Oli, Deupa, and 2 UML cadres who visited India recently.   Why we sovereign citizen of Nepal cannot force the corrupt power hungry crook leaders to tell the truth .After many telephonic contact with Indian PM and foreign minister why the PM OLI is unable to tell the commitments made by corrupt leader to India, and  not telling clearly what the India expecting from Nepal? And why we are unable to accept their demand?

The solution to the present day Andolan by few Madheshi leaders cannot be the only demand of India These Madheshi leaders can be easily tamed by one ordinary staff of embassy , even a fool knows this ground reality of  Nepalese politics.  Such demand is only to fool the people and their real covert demand is something else which are not told by the Nepalese leaders- why? The corrupt Prachanda, Deupa, OLI , Thapa etc definitely knows the real demand from their latest interaction with Indian leaders but are not fulfilling their duty to inform the citizen.

The long list of failures after 2046 Andolan need not to repeated here because everybody do knows that we failed in every sector from Transportation to self sufficiency, from health to education sector, from economic to  industry ,  tourism to employment sector ,judiciary to development .There is not a single sector where we see any hope of development to feel satisfied on our achievement of last 27 years. We Nepalese citizen paid and are still paying heavy price to fulfill the vested interest of present day corrupt power hungry Satan leaders.

Based on this ground reality any Nepalese neither should feel shy to demand the death penalty for the top 500 corrupt present day leaders nor such demand of death penalty considering the rampant corruption, looting in different pretext, protection to impunity culture and criminals, their complete failure to develop the nation and raise the living standard of citizen, exhibition of irresponsibility, incompetency etc of the present day leaders can be considered as unjustifiable .

Even we forget everything and try to shadow their failures and incompetency, the fact that present day leaders were in beggar like status during 2046 Andolan period and today not only the corrupt leaders their shoe polisher , underwear washer and, bed warmer are millionaires. Friends tell me   honestly as a Nepalese citizen, is not this corruption crime itself is more than enough to hang the top 500 corrupt present day leaders. Answer this with your hand in chest and as true citizen, listening to your inner voice.

We all know and accept also that "delay justice is denying of justice "so do not delay to hang the op 500 present day corrupt leaders


Kalyan dev Bhattarai

18th Mangisher 2072

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