Sunday, September 6, 2015

Japan: Protesting For Peace

CC News Letter 05 Sep - Japan: Protesting For Peace

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 As Yemen Assault Continues, US Announces Billion-Dollar Arms Deal With Saudi Arabia
By Niles Williamson

The Pentagon is in the process of finalizing a $1 billion arms deal with Saudi Arabia for the delivery of a cache of weapons, consisting primarily of missiles to arm the fleet of F-15 fighter jets it had previously purchased from the US. While this latest weapons transfer, first reported by the New York Times, is being presented in the media as part of a bid by the administration of President Barack Obama to assuage the Saudi monarchy's concerns over the US-Iran nuclear deal, it also facilitates the continuation and escalation of the bloody assault on Yemen that Saudi Arabia has been carrying out along with its allies since March

Japan: Protesting For Peace
By Chandra Muzaffar

On Sunday, 30 August 2015, more than 100,000 Japanese protested in the vicinity of the Japanese parliament against new security bills tabled in the upper legislative chamber by the Shinto Abe government. About 300 similar rallies were held in different cities all over the country. One television station estimated that perhaps a million people had participated in the mass protests. There is overwhelming opposition to the bills which allow the Japanese armed forces to engage in overseas combat if that was required to protect Japanese interests

Dead Refugees And Dead Topless Girls
By B. F. Firos

For a change those rightwing leaders in Europe may read history books. Europe has benefitted from migration immensely: when the continent was ravaged by war seven decades ago, rest of the world embraced the refugees with open arms. After the Second World War, Australia, New Zealand and rest of Americas accepted huge refugee population that emanated from Europe

The Misinterpretation: Microfinance, NGOs And Neoliberalism In Bangladesh -Part 3: NGOs
By Farooque Chowdhury

There are instances of a group of NGOs began organizing a part of the poor in Bangladesh; but that initiative was targeted to fill in the space a part of the left camp discarded. Its aim was to take away initiatives from the anti-imperialist, progressive forces

The Authoritarian Militarization Of The Ethnic Croats:
An Alternative View Of The Destruction Of Yugoslavia
By Vladislav B. Sotirovic

The internal and much more external destruction of the former Yugoslavia in the 1990s is being observed in 2015 its 20th year of anniversary. However, this historical and much more geopolitical event still needs a satisfactory research approach in regard to the true geopolitical reasons and political-military course of the destruction of this South Slavic and Balkan state

Mumia Abu-Jamal's Eighth Book: Writing On The Wall
By Carolina Saldaña

A review of Writing on the Wall: Selected Prison Writings of Mumia Abu-Jamal

Withdraw False Cases Aganist Adivasi students And Support The Indefinite Hunger Strike In Government Tribal Hostels In Panvel, Mumbai , Maharashtra
By Ajmal Khan

The condition of Government Tribal Hostels in Maharashtra are very pathetic, in December 2014 around 200 students from Palghar district government tribal hostel had gone on a hunger strike demanding basic facilities like toilets and library in their hostel and against the sexual harassment by some locals. Their hunger strike had lasted few days and number of girls students had collapsed and were hospitalized. Though they were given assurances by the police no one was booked. Once again tribal students have started an indefinite hunger strike in front of the Government Tribal Hostel at Panvel, Mumbai
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