Sunday, June 7, 2015

We ,the Tax payers have to pay for the security of RSS Boss !Sixty COMMANDOS to be deployed round the clock!

We ,the Tax payers have to pay for the security of RSS Boss !Sixty COMMANDOS to be deployed round the clock!
Palash Biswas
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Let me know the law! Is there any constitutional provision for Z + security for any organization other than it involves public cause?

As RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat gets top category 'Z+' security cover !

Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) Chief Mohan Bhagwat has been extended top category 'Z+' security cover with the commandos of CISF having been tasked with the job.

No wonder,Central Industrial Security Force has been raised to defend the Capital against the working class and it is not meant to defend the production system as Neo liberal children of shafron fascism has left NOTHING PUBLIC.

Officials said Bhagwat will now be guarded by an armed squad of the Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) during his stay at the RSS headquarters in Nagpur and when he travels to any place in Maharashtra and across the country.

Let me tell what is the strategic significance of RSS Headquarter?

Is it the new Raisina Hills?

Is it the Indian Parliamnet?

Is it that the government of India and the PMO have been shifted into RSS Head quarter,Nagpur and it is threatened by the Enemy Nations?

"The Special Security Group of CISF has been entrusted with the task of securing the VVIP after a threat analysis made in this regard necessitated that Bhagwat be guarded by a trained team.

"He was till now being guarded by units of Maharashtra police and its armed reserve units under the same cover," a senior official said.

Is the Bajrangi Army not so competent to defend its supremo?

Is RSS agenda of Fascism is the governance or administration?

For which we have to pay from State treasure already in deficit as the RSS brigade of Financial managers have created an economy hybrid with open windows without grill and foreign capital is allowed to take away whatsoever we have?

The Salawa Judum budget for security of the private companies deploying Indian security forces on every inch of land which has natural resources,thus,has been modified to secure RSS boss!
What for this security is meant at all?

Is the RSS Boss is the real head of the government or the state?

Have we to pay to accomplish the RSS agenda of Hindu Empire so that RSS head could build Bhavya Ram Mandir to sustain Mnusmriti rule of exclusion and racial apartheid?

Mind you,as part of the security cover, the RSS 'Sarsanghchalak' will have about 60 commandos round-the-clock to protect him!

Sixty commandos?What is the budget, sir?

As part of the security cover, the RSS 'Sarsanghchalak' will have about 60 commandos round-the-clock to protect him. 

The VVIP commando unit of CISF is armed with sophisticated weapons like AK-series rifles and is equipped with latest gadgets for communication and anti-sabotage tasks. 

This unit is also identified as the 'centre of excellence" for VVIP security in the country. 

Sources said the elite squad will take over the security duties at Bhagwat's residence and the vehicles in his convoy will also be changed as per norms set for a 'Z+' central security VVIP. 

"The decision to hand over his security to central forces from state police has been hanging for over an year now.

 "The Union Home Ministry recently gave the sanction in this regard and tasked CISF with the job," they said.

 A number of other prominent figures like BJP President Amit Shah and government functionaries and politicians have been accorded such security cover in the recent past by the Union government. 

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