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Bengali Refugees BTRAyED yet agian! Cat comes out for bag! No citizenship as promised by RSS to win Bengal! Special permits for Bangladesh workers on the table!

Bengali Refugees BTRAyED yet agian!

Cat comes out for bag! No citizenship as promised by RSS to win Bengal!

Special permits for Bangladesh workers on the table!


Palash Biswas

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I have been writing again and again that RSS ideology and Agenda root in Fascist Racial Apartheid,the culture of ethnic cleansing and it may not do any Good for anyone,not for the Bahujan masses divided in identities and banking on non existing reservation in an age of privatization,globalization and liberalization.

RSS governance of fascism damn cares for indigenous people,indigenous business, indigenous industry-not to mention the excluded agrarian communities chosen for the Kill to make in.

I have been clarifying since 2003 that Bengali Dalit refugees have been resettled in tribal areas countrywide which are abundant of resources.The land is the motto and hence,a deportationdrive was lauched by Parliamentary consensus by the Billionaire Millionaire ruling Hindutva hegemony.

Business friendly governance is reduced to strategic alignment for Hindu Imperialism agenda,it should be understand to understand the unprecedented push for total privatization,total decontrol,total deregulation, green revolution to kill the green,total Monsanto raj,Total radioactive energy,absolute FDI and absolute promoter builder raj means totaldestruction of Indian production system,total destruction of Indian economy,total destruction for agrarian demography,total destruction for business and industry.

Citizenship amendment act has killed the provision of citizenship by birth and every one who crossed the border after 18th May,1948 should have acquired Indian citizenship otherwise he or she has to be subjected illegal migrants to be deported immediately and despite one after one amendment,the status of refugees from erstwhile east Pakistan or Bangladesh has not been changed at all,might not be changed.

RSS has the agenda of AKHAND Bharat with cent percent Hindutva,Vidharmi mleccha mukto Hindustan and RSS is engaged to provoke vertical ethnic polarization with apartheid venom all on name of religion while RSS never did care for the partition victim Hindus from east Bengal.

Recntly Modi and his Hindutva brigade had been promising citizenship for all Bangladeshi coming to India until 2014 and at the same time it continued to blame the Left and Congress for the eternal Refugee influx.

I have written earlier that Modi has the plan to appease the refugee Vote bank with transit residential permit.Just see Hastakshep.

Now ,here you are!

Cat comes out for bag! No citizenship as promised by RSS to win Bengal!

Special permits for Bangladesh workers on the table!

Indian Express reports:In a departure from protocol, Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is likely to receive Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday at the Hazrat Shahjalal airport, Bangladesh officials told The Indian Express. Hasina may also see him off at the airport when his visit ends.

[Next step in Dhaka: Modi and Hasina must build on the new beginning in ties ]

It is learnt that Bangladesh is willing to discuss the issue of illegal migration with a proposal to give "special permits" to Bangladeshi nationals who want to work in India. Bangladesh Foreign Ministry, it is learnt, is ready with a concrete proposal on the issue.

Sources said the proposal was first mooted during External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj's visit to Dhaka in June, 2014.

"We are open to the idea. It is up to India to decide. Whatever is mutually beneficial will be done," Hasina's international affairs advisor Gowher Rizvi said.

"Workers' movement", he said, happens due to "economic reasons". "If Bangladesh workers don't go to India, India's harvest-cutting will be badly affected. Similarly, Bangladesh earns income."

He said that it is not a "contentious issue". "We are working towards smoothening the issue between the people of two countries," Rizvi, known to influence Bangladesh foreign policy in a significant way, said.

On the Teesta water sharing issue, Bangladesh officials are hopeful of a positive outcome in the future. "West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee's presence is indicative of better days ahead," a Bangladesh diplomat said.

Banerjee arrived Friday night and is staying at the Radisson Blu hotel, which is near the airport but at a distance from the Pan Pacific Sonargaon hotel, where Modi will stay. She will be present during the exchange of instruments of ratification of the land boundary agreement (LBA).

[Also read: PM Modi's maiden visit 'historic', says Bangaldesh media]

Bangladesh PM's media adviser Iqbal Sobhan Chowdhury said, "I won't be surprised if there is a dramatic development. When big leaders meet, miracles happen."

He pointed to Mamata's statement in February this year, when she came to Bangladesh and was asked about the Teesta water sharing issue. "She had said, 'Trust me… repose your confidence in me.' These were her words," Chowdhury said.

On the possible outcomes on the economic side, Indian diplomats said India will soon set up two special economic zones near ports in southern Bangladesh. 

"This is one of the ways to overcome the trade imbalance between the two countries," a diplomat said.

As far as symbolism is concerned, the two prime ministers will exchange some items. Modi will hand over a CD of the speech of Mujibur Rehman (made in Kolkata on February 6, 1972) and the transcripts of the Indian parliamentary sessions regarding the LBA.

 Hasina will present the photograph of the "instrument of surrender" being igned after the 1971 Bangladesh liberation war. Modi is also scheduled to meet Bangladesh's leader of opposition Begum Roshan Ershad, former prime minister Khaleda Zia, presidents of leading chambers of commerce and industry and leaders of left parties. - See more at:

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