Sunday, May 24, 2015

OECD Report: Global Social Inequality Hits New Record

 OECD Report: Global Social Inequality Hits New Record

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 OECD Report: Global Social Inequality Hits New Record
By Gabriel Black

Income inequality in many developed countries has reached an all-time high, according to a report released Thursday by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). The report also notes that growth of social inequality has been accompanied by the growth of part-time and contingent labor, particularly for younger workers

100% Clean Energy By 2050: Decarbonization As Denial
By Bill Henderson

I hope you take climate change seriously. We need open debate about our real predicament. We need to escape denial and consider real, effective mitigation strategies. Ask yourself: what will our kids look back and think of our present conceptualization of climate danger and our hands tied behind our back ineffectual mitigation?

A Color Revolution For Macedonia
By Paul Craig Roberts

During the Cold War Washington was concerned about communists fomenting street protests that they could turn into revolutions, with groomed politicians waiting in the wings to take over the new government, thus expanding the Soviet empire. Today this is precisely what Washington does. We recently witnessed this operation in Ukraine and now it seems to be underway in Macedonia

Fast Track" Violates The U.S. Constitution"
By Eric Zuesse

The Constitution's two-thirds Senate rule regarding treaties is violated by Fast Track as it currently stands and has stood; and that provision of Fast Track (reducing the required two-thirds down to merely half of the Senators voting "Yea") would need to be eliminated and the Constitution's two-thirds-Senate requirement restored, in order for there to be able to be any further applications of Fast Track; this would not necessarily apply regarding past applications of Fast Track such as NAFTA, and prudentiality might sway against such retrospective applications; but, for TPP, TTIP, TISA, and other future applications of Fast Track

The SOB's of Wichita: The Koch Brothers
Reviewed by Jane LaTour

A review of "Sons of Wichita: How the Koch Brothers Became America's Most Powerful and Private Dynasty" by Daniel Schulman (Grand Central, 2014)

Why Leftists Should Read John Ralston Saul — Critically
By Justin Podur

John Ralston Saul is a rare and influential public intellectual in Canada. Indigenous sovereigntists have engaged critically with his most recent book, The Comeback. It's high time the Canadian left joined the debate

Unlike Chavez, Chavistas Appealed To A Powerless
US President Who Works For Investors In Genocide!
By Jay Janson

Chavez called Obama a clown, the US a "terrorist government," said intelligence showed that it plans to invade his country. Were Venezuelans petitioning a clown chief executive of a terrorist government planning to invade Venezuela? Though the intention of this petition surely was to bring world attention to US threats, it made Obama look important and helped a criminal war investing elite maintain it's nefarious anonymity

Baghdadi, You Are Wrong
By Mike Ghouse

Muslims Challenge Al-Baghdadi's Lunatic Message

South Sudan: Escalation Of Violence Points To
Failed Regional And International Action
By Amnesty International

New research conducted by Amnesty International on the surge in military activity in South Sudan over the past weeks clearly shows that regional and international efforts to end the human suffering caused by armed conflict in South Sudan have failed

Interview With Redur Xelil, The Spokesman of People's Protection Units (YPG)
By Zanyar Omrani

Interview with Kurdish resistance fighters in Syria

The Religious Domination Of World Affairs
By Sazzad Hussain

Now it seems that the Islamist forces, led by Saudi Arabia, Qatar etc are in perfect sync with the global powers and business houses to run their functions unaffected. Likewise Turkey's ruling party is also leaning towards Islmaism, transforming the Kemalite secularism to Sunni identity and supporting the Islamist forces fighting the Assad regime in Syria. Turkey's present government is also very business and industry friendly allowing all types of capital to operate in their country

Through The People's Lens: Modi's Development Model So Far
By Dr Rahul Pandey, Bobby Ramakant and Dr Sandeep Pandey

Story of Modi's development model so far: Cutting health and education expenditure, forcing land acquisition, buying expensive jets and unsafe nuclear power, benefitting Big Business, diluting employment guarantee, fanning communal fires, exploiting Ganga, curbing dissent and shielding governance from public scrutiny

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