Thursday, May 28, 2015

First hand experience of hunger or famine!

 First hand experience of hunger or famine!

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Last week I was in Ujjain. The archaeological museum of Vikram University is one of my important reasons of visiting Ujjain every time. This time I was there to deliver a lecture on the paintings of Ravindranath Tagore, but more importantly, I enjoyed standing silently before this masterpiece. This, in fact is a idol of 'Chamunda' but worth noticing are its features like the breast, slightly bent femur (thigh bone), her right upper hand holding wine pot and right lower hand holding a dagger. This hold itself is quite striking. I believe that the sculptor who sculpted out such a marvelous piece must have a first hand experience of hunger or famine. Sorry I could not attach any religious reference to this treasure of human civilization (not alone of Hindu or India.)

Please make it a point to visit Ujjain if not for anything , for visiting this fantastic museum.

Ashok Bhowmick's photo.

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