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If Vidya Balan is RIGHT, Nitin Gadkari MUST be WRONG!

If Vidya Balan is RIGHT, Nitin Gadkari MUST be WRONG!
Ashok T Jaisinghani

*****If Vidya Balan is RIGHT, Nitin Gadkari MUST be WRONG!*****
     Nitin Gadkari has SABOTAGED PM's Clean India Mission!!

Union Minister Nitin Gadkari has PROUDLY declared that he has been WATERING the PLANTS in his BUNGALOW with his OWN URINE. 

   Every day on DOORDARSHAN TV channels, the FAMOUS ACTRESS Vidya Balan is being shown TAUNTING a MOTHER, whose small DAUGHTER wants to go to the FARM to DEFECATE, as there is NO TOILET in their HOME. 

   If the Union Minister Nitin Gadkari can provide URINE to his PLANTS in his BUNGALOW, why CANNOT the little GIRL provide MANURE to PLANTS in the FARM located at some distance from her HOME? 

   According to Vidya Balan, the HOUSEFLIES will wander on FECES of the little GIRL left behind in the FARM, then they will go to her HOUSE and make her SICK with disease by CONTAMINATING her FOOD with GERMS. 

   Similarly, will the TINY BLACK FLIES that sit on the URINE-CONTAMINATED plants NOT cause DISEASE by going into the ears, noses and eyes of those visiting the STINKING HOUSE of Nitin Gadkari?

   Does Nitin Gadkari allow his employees, especially those belonging to the LOWER CASTES, also to supply their URINE to WATER the PLANTS in his STINKING HOME? Are the guests and visitors of all the castes also allowed to URINATE on the PLANTS in Gadkari's BUNGALOW? 


   The BRAHMINS, who believe that the River GANGA should be PURIFIED with the URINE and DUNG of the HOLY COWS, have SABOTAGED Prime Minister Narendra Modi's Swachchh Bharat Mission. Now with the BRAHMIN Nitin Gadkari advocating the use of URINE on PLANTS in the HOMES, which will make all of them STINK, the Swachchh Bharat Mission has definitely been SABOTAGED! Do the BRAHMINS believe that their URINE is HOLY like the COW'S URINE, and should its STINKING SMELL be considered as DIVINE PERFUME? 


   Vidya Balan should be congratulated for making a very GREAT DISCOVERY that the Indian HOUSEFLIES are the MOST INTELLIGENT flies in the whole world! As indicated by Vidya Balan  on DOORDARSHAN TV, an Indian HOUSEFLY can IDENTIFY the little GIRL from her FECES left behind in the FARM, and then follow or TRACE that SAME GIRL to her HOUSE located at some distance, so that it CONTAMINATES ONLY her FOOD and makes ONLY the little GIRL SICK! Vidya Balan must be HONORED for her GREAT DISCOVERY. To honor the GREAT ACTRESS, an AWARD should be named as the VIDYA BALAN PRIZE for INTELLIGENCE, which should be given to the Indian HOUSEFLY!!


May 2013: Taking her role as the Brand Ambassador of Nirmal Bharat Abhiyan (NBA), the erstwhile Total Sanitation Campaign (TSC)- the flagship program of the Ministry of Rural Drinking  Water and Sanitation- Bollywood actress Vidya Balan  features in these series of advertisements for a healthier and cleaner India.

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