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Capitalism Could Kill All Life On Earth

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In Solidarity
Binu Mathew

 Stop Military Intervention In Iraq Under Any Pretext
By International Anti-Occupation Network

After decades of sanctions, war and occupation, attempts to dominate and control Iraq continue. The destruction of the country´s infrastructure, its army and its middle class has left a failed state that leaves its people in social misery and chaos. This has resulted in the collapse of the health and education systems, the weakening of the social fabric and the collective memory and national identity of the Iraqi people. Foreign plans to divide Iraq threaten its very existence as a state

Washington's Coup In Macedonia Was Blocked
By Thierry Meyssan

Macedonia has just neutralised an armed group whose sponsors had been under surveillance for at least eight months. By doing so, it has prevented a new attempt at a coup d'État, planned by Washington for the 17th of May. The aim was to spread the chaos already infecting Ukraine into Macedonia in order to stall the passage of a Russian gas pipeline to the European Union

Why Would Bloomberg News Completely Disappear The February, 2014 Ukraine Coup?
By Robert Barsocchini

Bloomberg says in a post today that the "confrontation between Russia and the US" over Ukraine was "provok[ed]" by Putin's annexation of Crimea

Taking Responsibility For Drone Killings- President Obama And The Fog Of War
By Brian Terrell

Perhaps one day President Obama will be held responsible for these murders. In the meantime, the responsibility that he and his administration shirks belongs to all of us. He cannot hide behind a fog of war and neither can we

Capitalism Could Kill All Life On Earth
By The Daily Take Team, the Thom Hartmann Program

It's time for a New Green Deal – we need to stop directly and indirectly subsidizing the fossil fuel industry and we need to invest in a large-scale deployment of current clean energy technologies – one that will create permanent, sustainable jobs, and protect the Earth for future generations

Did Market Leninism Win The Cold War?
By John Feffer

The ongoing convulsions of geopolitics are throwing up all manner of new hybrids. Many of these market authoritarian regimes are deeply troubling, the offspring of a marriage of the less savory aspects of collectivism and capitalism. But they are also potent reminders that, because we are not the slaves of history, we can transform our putatively triumphant liberalism, with all its manifold defects of corruption, inequality, and unsustainability, into something more optimal for both human beings and the planet. The bats did it, the whales did it, and even though it's not inevitable, we humans can do it, too

EU's Military Strategy To Deepen Mediterranean Tragedies
By Nizar Visram

A new theater is unfolding with the US and Saudi Arabia embarking on a new battlefront in Yemen. This is bound to lead to a great number of refugees seeking asylum. Meanwhile, as increasing number of distressed citizens seek sanctuary in Europe, the EU is converting the Mediterranean into a graveyard, hoping that this will serve as deterrent to others

Local History Of The Industrial Workers Of The World
By Andy Piascik

A Shoeleather History of the Wobblies: Stories of the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) in Connecticut by Steve Thornton (2013); 151 pages- Reviewed by Andy Piascik

The Fall And Rise Of The West's Death Squad Strategy
By Dan Glazebrook

Losing ground in Yemen, in Libya, in Egypt and in Syria, the West's whole strategy for using armed Salafists as tools of destabilisation had been starting to unravel. The direct interventions in Syria, Yemen and soon Libya, then, are nothing but a means of propping them up - and last Friday's bombings show they are already paying dividends

Arab Leaders And Insanity Of Sectarian Warfare
By Mahboob A. Khawaja

The Arab masses urgently need transformational leaders who can think rationally out of the box and act intelligently to protect the people, the culture and future from deaths and destruction. This does not sound like a day dream but an attainable goal only if the Arab people take action to change the course of history or else wars and perpetuated sectarian belligerency will consume all that is morally and intellectually valuable and credible assets for a sustainable future. There is no military triumph in seeking a peaceful transformation for political change and future-building

Communal Tensions In Atali, Haryana
By Janhastakshep – A campaign against fascist designs

Communal tensions in Atali village of Ballabgarh Division – A preliminary report of fact finding team

BJP's Neo-Liberalism And Hindutva: A Risky Romance
By Rahul Jambhulkar & Abdullah A Raheman

To construe BJP government's economic reform and RSS's religio-cultural project as binary opposite of each other would be a mistake. Although, which of the two is privileged and placed at the centre is obscure and discombobulate, but is indispensable and deliberate. The ruling government at centre somewhat successfully projects confusion around the supposed binary values and its ability to make decision independently of RSS

Corporate India Thrives And The Real India Withers
By Sukumaran C. V.

Manmohan Singh and his team have gone and Mr. Modi has come, but the policies have still not been changed and our farmers still kill themselves

"Mandela Rules" On Prisoner Treatment Adopted
In Landmark Revision Of UN Standards
By Amnesty International

The United Nations Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice adopted crucial revisions of 60-year-old international standards on treatment of prisoners at a [recently held] meeting in Vienna, which Amnesty International said could herald in a new era of respect for prisoners' human rights

Obama's Failed State Policy In Africa
By Thomas C. Mountain

The Obama regime must be held responsible for a series of failed or nearly failed states on the African continent. Recently Burundi has been in the news but it could just as easily be Nigeria, Mali or the Central African Republic. Whether the calamities that have befallen these neocolonialist constructions have been intentional or not, the ruination and depredations inflicted on large swaths of Africa amount to what can only be described as a failed state policy

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