Saturday, January 24, 2015

Obama Visit: No Surrender to US Pressures

Obama Visit: No Surrender to US Pressures

news from the cpi(m)
January 24, 2015

Press Statement

The Polit Bureau of Communist Party of India (Marxist) has issued the following statement:

Obama Visit: No Surrender to US Pressures

The Obama visit is being preceded by various moves to appease US interests by the Modi government.

Firstly, the Modi government is negotiating with the US authorities to find ways to circumvent the Civil Nuclear Liability Act passed by the Indian Parliament.  The right to recourse for suppliers liability has been objected to by the United States.  The BJP had supported this law in Parliament. Now under US pressure, this elementary safeguard for the people in the case of a nuclear accident is sought to be diluted.  The Polit Bureau demands that the letter and spirit of the law be respected and no step should be taken to pass the burden on to the Indian government or other entities.

The Polit Bureau reiterates its strong opposition to the renewal of the Defence Framework Agreement for another ten years.  The Framework Agreement signed in 2005 contained provisions such as  the Logistics Support Agreement and the Communications and Information Security Memorandum of Agreement (CISMOA) which would have made India a military ally of the US on par with its NATO allies.  The Modi government should desist from signing the Defence Agreement  which is against the interests of the country and its strategic autonomy.

The US is pressing India to dilute its patent regime and Intellectual Property Rights regulation.  This is meant to facilitate US multinational drug companies making super profits in India and will result in drugs becoming more expensive for the people.  The Obama visit should not result in any concessions to the US in this regard as also giving any special treatment to US investments with regard to tax liabilities.

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