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Budget priorities fixed! Nothing to do with the Parliament! Blind Hindu Nationalism invoked to hide the US agenda of security and trade as Prior to his visit in India, Barack Obama says, ‘Safe havens of terrorism within Pakistan are not acceptable’! India, US may reach consensus on top priority areas: Arun Jaitley Palash Biswas

Budget priorities fixed!

Nothing to do with the Parliament!

Blind Hindu Nationalism invoked to hide the US agenda of security and trade as Prior to his visit in India, Barack Obama says, 'Safe havens of terrorism within Pakistan are not acceptable'!

India, US may reach consensus on top priority areas: Arun Jaitley

Palash Biswas

What ever the Bagula Bhagat community of neoliberal children of free market economics claim,nevertheless,India's economy will pick up steam in the fiscal year beginning in April, but not by as much as analysts thought just a few months ago due to disappointment over a delayed revival in investment, a Reuters poll found.As expectations continue to build up on the first full budget of the Narendra Modi government, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley said the sum-total of the reform measures and other policy initiatives already taken would be much more than "the big bang".This big bang is converted in Hindutva,thanks to US Israel supported RSS action plan accomplished by the Kalki Avtar!Imminent Big Bang has to destroy Indian economy across Haves and Have Nots while the corporate lawyer paints a rosy picture and Arun Jaitley, Jaitley tax, Jaitley investment Arun Jaitley expressed confidence that India was close to the point when investment will pick up as there are a large number of investors who are waiting to come in.

How the govt is showcasing 'Make in India'. In place of the famous 'India Adda' that has been frequented by Indian and other leaders, this year 'Make In India' is gaining prominence. Ten challenges Finance Minister Arun Jaitley faces in the Budget,ET explains!Mind you,wooing global investors, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley on Thursday hinted at rationalising subsidies, rebuilding credibility of taxation structure and calling a joint session of Parliament to get the Insurance Bill passed if it is not cleared in the coming session.

Making in and Innovation means that the government will go ahead with its disinvestment programme and "a lot of activity" is expected on that front, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley said today, while hinting at complete privatisation of some loss-making PSUs at a later stage.

The Finance Minister, known for his defence of Dow Chemicals to deprive Bhopal Gas Tragedy and making toxic atmosphere there,has already fixed the budget priorities and India Inc has set targets for the policy decisions and legislations as well.Global financial institutions and rating agencies controlled by United States of Amrica are pressing for reforms and more reforms!Thus the corporate funded,FDI fed politics has to comply with.No scope for public hearing wahtsoever.No sope for resistance whatsoever.Present day reality is brutal enough for Indian business as retalers must die as  Internet retailer Amazon and its fast-growing local rivals are driving a boom in commercial property leasing in India as their storage needs rise, with shoppers in the country going online to buy everything from televisions to groceries.Demand from e-commerce firms, a tiny fraction of India's retail industry, accounted for as much as 40 per cent of 1.7 million square feet of warehouses leased in 2014 - a seven-fold increase from 2013, according to consultants CBRE South Asia. Warehouse rents have risen by a quarter over the past year.

As he meets global investors across sectors here at WEF summit, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley said that every reform has to wait for its own time and any rethink on multi-brand retail policy would first require a larger consensus in the society.

Mind you,United states of America has the greatest stake on mass destruction of Inn Business and industry as made in dismissed with the sexy dreams of Good days ahead with a Bull Run infinite,employees have to lose PF,Gratuity,Insurance and so on including  the deposit already deprived of labour rights in the e line as the workers and the holocaust in agrarian sector continues.The greatest gainersare MNCs based in Unied States of America and those who happen to be entitled for tax free transactions abroad and also those who pump lck money from foreign ases best defined as free flow of capital and who play with indices all on the name of foreign investors,It is Indian Economy these days.Modi happens to be best ever alchemist to inject Polonium 210.

Tumbling oil prices and easier credit conditions are likely to boost consumption, but implementing reforms will also be key to sustaining that momentum.

According to ING Vysya economist Upasana Bharadwaj, the outlook for the economy is still good, but the delay in strong investments in India means that forecasts for next year have been pegged back slightly.

The poll of 19 analysts forecast Asia's third-largest economy to grow 6.2 percent next fiscal year, a slight downgrade from the October survey's forecast of 6.4 percent, but it would still be the first time that growth has exceeded 6 percent since FY 2011/2012.

The poll also showed that the economy will grow 5.5 percent the current fiscal year ending in March, unchanged from the previous poll result.

That is why,US President sets the tune very well to invoke blind nationalism as in a stern message to Pakistan, US President Barack Obama has said the safe havens of terrorism within that country are "not acceptable" and that those behind the Mumbai attack must face justice. Ahead of his visit here, Obama said the US will keep working with India for a future that delivers greater security, prosperity and dignity for all people.

Mind you,US President has every right to change his linguistics after his India agenda accomplished and we should hear something different while the US leaders and officials visit Pakistan in the same tune,same volume and against Indian interests.The language used in Nato,Pentagon,United Nations and White house remains always different,of course.

Asserting that his country has been unrelenting in its fight against terrorist groups, he said, "I've made it clear that even as the United States works with Pakistan to meet the threat of terrorism, safe havens within Pakistan are not acceptable and that those behind the Mumbai terrorist attack must face justice."

His comment assumes significance as India has recently been having renewed questions over Pakistan's sincerity in ensuring punishment to the perpetrators of Mumbai attack of November 2008. The questions arose after the attack mastermind Zakiur Rehman Lakhvi was granted bail in the case. Obama noted that like Indians were tragically killed in the 9/11 attack in New York, Americans were also killed in the 26/11 attack in Mumbai.

To send a strong message to the Indian people that "we stand together in defence of our security and our way of life", he had made Taj hotel in Mumbai his first stop during his first visit to India in 2010, he said in an e-mail interview to India Today.

Upbeat about his upcoming three-day visit to India which he described as a "natural partner", Obama said he was proud to be the first US President to visit this country twice. He said he saw it as an opportunity to work with Prime Minister Narendra Modi to make concrete progress and to "hopefully begin a new era" in the history between our countries. .

On the other hand,Dteline Davos, brings forthe the hidden agenda as agencies report: Ahead of US President Barack Obama's India visit, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley said the two countries should be able to reach consensus on areas that are of top priority for cooperation between them. Without specifically mentioning the areas, Jaitley said the two countries share a mature relationship and there were many areas where they already agree to each other.(Read: Arun Jaitley: Corruption not even whispered since Modi government came to power)

To a question on whether there were some problems in negotiations over nuclear matters, Jaitley said, "I am not privy to the talks at the moment and it will not be fair for me to comment on that". He was speaking here on the sidelines of the World Economic Forum meeting.(Read: Sentiments to convert into investments soon: Arun Jaitley)

The Union Finance Minister, who arrived here on January 21 for a three-day visit to attend WEF meeting, said he certainly expects positive outcome from the Obama visit. "India and US have a matured relationship. There is a large number of areas where we agree with each other. There are also some areas where we may not come to a particular common view point but that is the maturity of our relationship that it will still survive despite those differences.

"My view is that in areas that are on top priority for cooperation, we should be able to reach a conclusion," he added. When asked if these areas would include climate change and nuclear issues, Jaitley said, "We have different approaches to climate change and therefore to have a common stand, it is for those involved in the negotiations to comment.

"India is doing its own bit on climate change. We are coming out with more programmes on renewable energy than any other country in the world."

As we know,Finance minister Arun Jaitley will present the NDA govt's second budget, one of the most anticipated in recent times, on February 28. Calls for a big-bang budget are getting louder and stock markets are doing their bit to raise expectations. ET takes a look at the challenges the FM faces

Davos: Having set a world record with fastest roll-out of its financial inclusion scheme - Jan Dhan Yojana, the government expects its ambitious power sector programme to create more such records, including by making India the world's largest destination for renewable energy.

"We are giving the message of India story as a whole and we are looking at getting back to excitement to investing in India across the sectors," said Power and Coal Minister Piyush Goyal, who was here to attend the annual World Economic Forum meeting.

"Clearly energy is one sector where there is lot of excitement and interest that I am seeing from across the world," Mr Goyal told PTI in an interview.

He is also in charge of the New and Renewable Energy Ministry.

"The ambitious target that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has set out for 24X7 power to every home and industry and commercial establishments and also adequate power to farmers to increase their farm output, this demonstrates the demand for power that is going to come out," he said.

Mr Goyal, who also held a number of bilateral meetings with business and government leaders from across the world on the sidelines of WEF summit, said that India is at the cusp of getting into another orbit in terms of renewable energy.

Similar is the case for power transmission and distribution sector as well as the energy access that has been lacking all these years, he added.

"All of this put together is a $250 billion opportunity. This $250 billion opportunity is what would kick-start the investment cycle," he said.

Asked how much the government expects from foreign investors, Mr Goyal said, "Money is least of our concerns in terms of investment that India is looking at."

"My take is that money would flow once people get the confidence that their money is safe in India and the government policies are stable. There is a decisive government and honest government."

Noting that all of these are attributes that PM Modi has demonstrated in Gujarat as Chief Minister, Mr Goyal said the first eight months of the new government at Centre has shown the world that the Prime Minster means business, is focussed on reforms as well as on speed and scale of expanding the business.

"My feeling is that the money would come from both within India and from international investors."

"I would not like to put a figure, but the kind of interest that I am seeing when people are meeting me here with their plans, that suggests that we would not have any difficulty in getting $250 billion invested in the electricity and renewable sector within the target period of 2019," Mr Goyal said.

When asked whether power sector can achieve records similar to the Guinness Record achieved for the Jan Dhan scheme of the government, Mr Goyal replied in the affirmative.

"Certainly. If you look at our renewable target we are looking at 100,000 MW of solar power," he said, adding, "We plan to have many solar parks. We are also looking at off-grid and micro-grids."

"We are working with the states in easing the business of setting up wind energy. We are also looking at combination of solar and wind energy and there will be parks which would have both. All of these will probably make India the world's number one renewable energy destination," Mr Goyal said.

At the same time, Mr Goyal said that for the Prime Minister and this government, what matters more than the records is the urgency to take benefits to the poor and the urgency to make up for the lost time.

"It is the concern and compassion for people who are deprived of basic amenities like power... It is a deep commitment to raise the levels of economy very rapidly," he said, adding, "Records will happen incidentally along the way."

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