Thursday, October 20, 2016

Women have to be the victim unless we destroy the Patriarchy! Palash Biswas

Women have to be the victim unless we destroy the Patriarchy!
Palash Biswas 
Rest of India thinks Bengal respect woman most and explains Bengali nationalism as matriarchal.It is also a myth that Bengal has become very progressive which not only considers no bar in marriage but also have ended dowry system.As Bengal renaissance has ended Sati Pratha,Bal Vivah and widows were allowed to begin life afresh.Bengal is known to have educated its daughters long before rest of India. Bengalies worship Durga ,Kali, Mansa, Sheetala, Shashthi,Jagadhatri and Vaishnav movement elevated the divine love of Radha.Radha represents the freedom of love!Worshiping a full spectrum of goddesses and making festivals and carnivals of vedic rituals in fact reduced Bengali Woman to the status as prescribed in Manusmriti as Sukumari Bhattacharya and Taslima Nasreen have explained so well in the light of history and literature.
The Vaishnav movement enhanced by Baul movement has maintained continuity of Buddhist legacy which was further strenthened by Progressive ideolgies and Bengal Renaissance,specifically represented by Rabindra An Nazrul Sangeet has opened the ways of Women` liberation in this geopolitics.
But recent incidents prove that Bengal tops in ranking in Rape,gang rape,domestic violence,witch hunting and woman trafficking all the way.Now dowry is also highlighted just in case of Mita Mandal who was a student of the most reputed university.Thus,students,civil society and media aligned to demand justice.Whereas in most cases Kamduni to kakadweep and even in the incidents happened during Durga Carnival and red road parade,justice denied!
It is an affair related to human rights and we deny woman`s status as human being .She remains the sex toy or sex slave in a patriarchal society which is brute,inhuman.Only a strong movement led by women themselves may liberate woman.Biologically as human being man and woman relationship might not be denied ,marriage or no marriage or live in status until we do something to change our patriarchal psyche which has strengthened with purchasing capacity being the decisive factor and human values and human rights decaying.

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