Friday, October 7, 2016

The Fraud to justify Genocide and Salwa Judum Contiues! Palash Biswas

The Fraud to justify Genocide and Salwa Judum Contiues!
Palash Biswas
It has proved that it was a fraud to market the ignored Puja Pandal which badly needs fund.It was a naked attempt to raise fund to glorify the mythical genocide culture making human sacrifice a ritual acepted in a post modern democratic society.

Sushama Asur and Vandana Tete and Jharkhand Akhada Parishad has already issued a statement to expose the fraud which also exposes media involvement. Asuras all over tribal demogrphy including Gondwana, Orissa,Bengal Jungle Mahal,Bihar Jharkhand and North Bengal have been fighting against British Raj and Zamindari for centuries for Jal Jungal and Jameen.

They may not support the worship of the mythical goddess to destroy them ,to justify genocide culture of Salawa Judum.

In fact they are in mourning status during Navratra and mourn for the dravid, negroid,proto austolide Non Aryan martyrs and Mahishasur is their hero.

Only in Bengal,the Asuras are celebrating Mahishasur Utsav and police obstructing.No news published hitherto.It exposes the media itself.

The media talked to the Durga worshippers and skipped Sushma Asuara and Asuras,the tribal people in general.It is media Salwa Judum all the way.But a section of media misled the masseses falsefully quoting Sushama Asura.

Meanwhile Asura Mahotsav is in Vogue in Salwa Judum Zone of Gondwana and the Asura epicentre remains Bastar where genpcide culture is being justified by the media.

Meanwhile,Disham Guru EX CM Shibu Soren claiming all Adivasi being Asura called for Mahishsur Utsav celebration all over in Indian Adivasi Geography.

Just because decisive vote bank has the lion`s share while minority inconclusive sections of the society has no say in politics or democracy and they are subjected to infinite persecution and repression in the best interest of the decisive vote bank appeasement.Hence inherent inequality and injustice has to be sustained.It makes the phenomenon of racist patriarchal apartheid!May we ensure participation of every Indian citizen in democratic institutions beyond money muscle captured voting machine turned autocratic fascism?

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