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Washington voices Kashmir dissidence! Would America be considered as anti Hindu,anti India? Palash Biswas

Washington voices Kashmir dissidence!

Would America be considered as anti Hindu,anti India?

Palash Biswas

Washington voices Kashmir dissidence.Would America be considered as anti Hindu,anti India?Is it the neat result of Doval hi fi visit to Washington?

Indian Prime Minister landed in Washington yet again to cement Indo US relations afresh.He is speaking the language of the Global hegemony as Kashmir stad off reminds us about the rot within.Mind you,Members of separatist Kashmiri groups held a demonstration in front of the Washington DC Convention Centre Thursday afternoon.

Separatist Kashmiri groups protested near venue of the Nuclear Security Summit here which is being attended by leaders from more than 50 countries including Prime Minister Narendra Modi.Members of separatist Kashmiri groups held a demonstration in front of the Washington DC Convention Centre Thursday afternoon, seeking the world leaders' intervention to resolve the Kashmir issue.

RSS shares power with PDF which considers Afjal Guru a martyr while RSS controlled government brands everyone anti national whoever voices the grievances of the people in the valley as civic and human rights violated daily without any question.

Our students concerned with unity and integrity of India and engaged in democrat discourse to break through the mess created by vested political game are persecuted in our universities and institutions.

But the voices from Kashmir which are not allowed to be raised in rest of India,expressed freely in America which boasts to be the best friend of India and the Indian Prime Minister is said to be enjoying personal chemistry with the US President.

Well,Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrived in the United States to attend the 4th Nuclear Security Summit, in which leaders of more than 50 countries will assess the threats of nuclear terrorism.We all know who created the terror networl worldwide and it is not the best place to speak peace and security,Mr,Prime Minister! 

Global terrorism has evolved over time and terrorists are now using modern technology and devices while national and international efforts to counter them have become outdated, Prime Minister Narendra Modi told a gathering of global leaders at a dinner.No security,no technolgy might ensure safety and peace until state nations address the grass root problems to delete the apps of dissidence resultant in clash. 

"All those leaders attending the Nuclear Summit and those who are interested in the world peace are urged to persuade both India and Pakistan to help resolve the Kashmir dispute for the sake of international peace and security," said Ghulam Nabi Fai, secretary general, World Kashmir Awareness.

Fai has served two years' imprisonment in the US on the charges of working on behalf of Pakistan's ISI.

Had the Indian Prime Minister who is attending 4th global nucear summit addressed the dissidents with this gesture we could have considered it a positive initiative and would also consider RSS ploy to share share governance in Kashmir as an initiative to include tahat part of India into the mainstream.It did not happen.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi met the members of the Indian community in Washington today, where he reached late in the night from Brussels. 

But he failed to address the grieved,persecuted,deprived,uprooted humanity at home.He seems rather more responsible to Indian communities abroad and does not mind whatever waits for those for whom he promised good days ahead and those poor fellows have to opt for suicide or insurrection as rule of law is absent in most part of India and India has been limited within the National Capital Zone.Every other part of India is far away from New Delhi.

Diplomatic sources did not rule out the possibility of a bilateral meeting with President Obama but no details of other meetings that Mr. Modi may have on his first day in Washington were available. He has met US President so many times after his VISA is cleared after Gujarat Genocide but he has no time to meet the people of India anywhere anytime and his Mon key Baaten is considered enough for discourse.

Every other type of discourse is rather banned or restricted,

Thus, Kshmir dissidents cry in Washington as crying in India is branded as sedition.

However,it is known that India and the US discussed ongoing counter-terrorism cooperation in the lead up to Prime Minister Narendra Modi's arrival on Thursday for the Nuclear Security Summit. 

"Terrorism is globally networked. But, we still act only nationally to counter this threat," Modi said at a working dinner hosted by President Barack Obama Thursday night to kick off the two-day Nuclear Security Summit.

"Nuclear security must remain an abiding national priority and all states must completely abide by their international obligations," Modi told the world leaders meeting in the shadow of Brussels and Lahore terror attacks. .

"Without prevention and prosecution of acts of terrorism, there is no deterrence against nuclear terrorism," he warned lamenting that while "the reach and supply chains of terrorism are global, genuine cooperation between nation states is not".

Obama, who is hosting his fourth and last such summit to discuss how to prevent terrorists and other non state actors from gaining access to nuclear materials, was flanked by Modi to the right and Chinese President Xi Jinping on the left.

The "dinner table" ran along the circumference of the East Room of the White House. In the middle were three big boxes of flowers, according to a pool report.

Modi, who has come to Washington after attending the India-EU summit in the Belgian capital, said: "Brussels shows us how real and immediate is the threat to nuclear security from terrorism.

"Terror has evolved. Terrorists are using 21st century technology. But our responses are rooted in the past," he said asking the leaders to focus on three contemporary features of terrorism.

"First, today's terrorism uses extreme violence as theatre. Second, we are no longer looking for a man in a cave, but we are hunting for a terrorist in a city with a computer or a smart phone.

"And third, state actors working with nuclear traffickers and terrorists present the greatest risk."

By putting spotlight on nuclear security, Obama has done great service to global security, Modi said and "this legacy of President Obama must endure".

Earlier, in an opinion piece in the Washington Post on Thursday Obama said: "Of all the threats to global security and peace, the most dangerous is the proliferation and potential use of nuclear weapons."

Outlining how to make the vision of a world without nuclear weapons a reality, he wrote: "We're clear-eyed about the high hurdles ahead, but I believe that we must never resign ourselves to the fatalism that the spread of nuclear weapons is inevitable."

"Even as we deal with the realities of the world as it is, we must continue to strive for our vision of the world as it ought to be," Obama wrote.

Secretary of State John Kerry and Secretary of Energy Ernest Moniz co-hosted a separate working dinner for other members of the visiting delegations.

"In recent years, 13 countries, plus Taiwan, have given up weapons-usable plutonium and highly-enriched uranium entirely," Kerry noted. "An additional 12 countries have decreased their stockpiles of nuclear material."

Since 2009, through various lines of effort, we have removed or eliminated enough weapons-grade fissionable material to supply nearly 7,000 nuclear bombs," he said.

India and other participating nations will present their national progress reports on steps taken by them to strengthen nuclear security since the last summit on Friday.

The first of these biennial nuclear security summits was held in Washington in April 2010 followed by the summits in Seoul in March 2012 and The Hague in March 2014.

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