Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Why Muslims need newspaper?

Why we (muslims) need newspaper?
Because other do not cover our problems in right perspective. What happens if the problems are not covered?
Others do not know our problem and the reason thereof. What will happen when we have a newpaper with muslim orientation?
Muslims will know their problem which they already know and others will not know because they will not read it. Why others should read a newspaper having muslim perpectiv because muslim masses will not read newspaper with hindu perspective. Therefore the situation is back to square one. Since our masses need a neutral paper the same is true for others. Other intellectual will read our newspapers as our intellectual reads other's news paper?
But they will not print our view as it is. They will mix their own perspective, again back to square one. Voice of muslims not heard by authorities?
It is not because heard not because they do not know, they know it very well but they do not want to respond due to their own compulsion or vested interest. Therefore no use. We should not have our news paper?
No we should have it but not for muslims alone. It should be a neutral paper for all. Others should not feel that this is a newspaper with muslim perspective therefore why they should read it? On the contrary they should feel that this is the best news paper available on the stand in terms of covering news and having balanced view. It is their own paper and they should start replacing it with what they are reading. This is true for all new newpaper.
Now when this newspaper of all people will also cover muslim problems in right perspective they will come to know about our issues they way they are and I think the purpose of launching a newspaper may be served to some extent.
I again wish you all the best may Allah grace us with great success.
Shaik Abdul Rahman
Azad Building
Moulanagar,Gollapudi 521225

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