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Should Obama cancel his visit to India? He would not. It is all about Modi`s so much so hyped Making in.In fact,it is all about making in a Hindu Nation free of non Hindus. RSS which chose Narendra Bhai Modi as the prime minister of India has declared to adjust demography to make Indian population One Hundred percent. What else should be treated as ethnic cleansing? What else should be racial apartheid? Palash Biswas

Should Obama cancel his visit to India? He would not.

It is all about Modi`s so much so hyped Making in.In fact,it is all about making in a Hindu Nation free of non Hindus.

RSS which chose Narendra Bhai Modi as the prime minister of India has declared to adjust demography to make Indian population One Hundred percent.

What else should be treated as ethnic cleansing?

What else should be racial apartheid?

Palash Biswas

Should Obama cancel his visit to India? He would not.

The Modi government and Obama administration are working to explore whether the US President can find time to visit Varanasi during his visit here next month.


Do RSS and its government intend to convert the US President.

The prompt answer should be a determined NO.

But the real time social reality in India screams it may be!

ARe you ready for conversion to Hinduism ,Mr President?

Current status for Obama and US interest:Modi is facing a backlash for not doing enough to rein in hardline affiliate groups that have become emboldened in their pursuit of a Hindu-dominant agenda.

Never mind,Mr.President.The government of India would simply resolve it issuing some ordinances and government orders by passing the Parliament.

Mr.President! US interest have to be intact.Modi would take care.

But what about the dream you used to explain so many times while you got the helms and taking oath,you also did visit to a Church to bow before the altar.

I should not remind that you that you were talking about the racial apartheid practiced in United States of America.

You used the words,we can.America could and it won against racial apartheid when you were selected the first Black President of India.

You have not be concerned with the fate of second generation of reforms as the governance in India has been reduced to corporate lobbying and politics is all about corporate funding and economy is all about foreign capital.

We have no economy .We have no production system.

Thus,our prime minister opted for FDI raj and announced making in.

But we had a plural society hitherto.

But we had a democracy we had been boasting.

But we were the free citizens of people`s republic of India.

Hindu imperialism has killed the pluralism as it does not like either democracy or secularism.

America denied VISA to Narendra Bhai Modi and America proved to be liberal enough to welcome the prohibited man who became the leader of the Republic.

That Republic no more survives from the moment RSS,the remote control of this Indian government declared India a Hindu nation with an agenda of ethnic cleansing,calling for making India free of Islam and Christianity.

We have lost the democracy.

We have lost the Republic.

Sorry,Mr. President! We,the secular and democratic people of India has no reason to celebrate the republic day for which you have to come as the Chief Guest.

RSS which chose Narendra Bahi Modi as the prime minister of India has declared to adjust demography to make Indian population One Hundred percent.

What else should be treated as ethnic cleansing?

What else should be racial apartheid?

Personally,you Mr.President happen to be a Christian with Muslim root.

For RSS ,You are the enemy as Al Quaeda and Taliban see the US President.

What about your war against terror as the Hindu Imperialism and the flagbearers of Hindu Imperialism do lose as hell against entire Non Hindu population.

Is it not terror?

The emerging market is being reduced to be world on fire,a killing field.As Gujarat has seen!

Pardon me,the peace and harmony needed for investment and business have been lost in the war cries of Hindutva!

No business is possible in an environment of communal civil war launched by RSS and protected by the central government and the state government.

Please direct your media officials to table all the reports of pure hate campaign.

It is all about Modi`s so much so hyped Making in.In fact,it is all about making in a Hindu Nation free of non Hindus.

Media reports quote Sources in the government which said the Modi government is keen that a quick visit to Varanasi is squeezed into the schedule of the US President who will be the chief guest on the Republic Day.

Although the Obama administration seems to reciprocate the sentiment, the two sides are struggling to create room for the US president to travel to PM's Lok Sabha constituency because of his ' tight schedule' and logistical constraints.

Prime Minister Modi pulled off a big diplomatic coup when he persuaded Obama to be the chief guest on January 26.

Sources said the government's keenness to take the US president to Varanasi reflects the PM's view that engagements with foreign partners, existing as well as potential, need not remain a ' Delhi-centric affair' and go beyond deliberations between foreign ministry bureaucrats.

What should be your agenda for Varanasi,the ancient capital of Hindutva?

Would you like to visit the demolished Mosque in Ayodhya,Mr.President?

India has declared to side with Israel against Palestine,departing from of its history.

It is rather a shame for every democratic and secular Indian.

But it should please you as you have been never before and we may understand why you should be coming to India justifying and supporting the cause of a Hindu Nation!

But,we democratic and secular Indians have no reason to welcome you at this point.

For your kind attention ,I am quoting just one media report:

Bhopal: A day after Rashtriya Swayamsewak Sangh chief Mohan Bhagwat made a strong pitch for Hindu awakening and described India as a nation of the Hindus, senior Vishwa Hindu Parishad leader Praveen Togadia on Sunday said that his assertion is like "gospel" for VHP.

Speaking at a convention here, Togadia asserted that the world was once inhabited by Hindus only, and that the right-wing organisation will make all efforts to increase the population of Hindus in India to 100 percent from 82 percent

"We will not tolerate the size of Hindu population to cut to half, we will not tolerate Hindus becoming a minority in the country," Togadia said addressing the function.

Reiterating VHP's opposition to 'Love Jihad', Togadia said it is a conspiracy against the Hindus and that his outfit wants to eradicated the social evil of caste from Hindu society.

The comments came close on the heels of the remark made by Bhagwat that those who were converted earlier could be allowed to go back to their traditional faith.

Bhagwat, in the Kolkata rally, had dared the Opposition to support the passage of the anti-conversion law to stop it all from happening.

He had also said those who were converted earlier could be allowed to go back to their traditional faith without using the much-criticised term 'ghar vapsi'.

However, Parliamentary Affairs Minister M Venkaiah Naidu on Sunday made it clear that if people are converting voluntarily then there should be no issue in it, but if force is being used then state government should take action.

Mind you,Mr.President!

Modi refuses to face the Parliament on conversion issue

The conversion row rocked both houses of the Parliament again on Monday with the opposition protesting against the Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his silence on the issue. The opposition taunted the PM for his absence saying he doesn't need 56-inch chest to come here.

"You don't need a 56-inch chest to come here, you just need a four-inch heart to come here," said Trinamool leader Derek O'Brien, referencing the PM's famous campaign.

"We are not running away from a discussion. We want a discussion on the issue of conversion. We want the PM to come to the house," said Derek in the Rajya Sabha.

Samajwadi Party (SP) leader Naresh Agarwal said he has submitted a notice to suspend all work and take up the debate.

Finance Minister Arun Jaitley, however, said that the notice cannot be admitted since the issue has already been raised once.

"…the debate is inadmissible since the debate has been taken up once," said Jaitley.

Members had slammed the government for not fulfilling its promises but going ahead with the 'Ghar Wapsi' agenda.

"They promised they will give farmer one and a half times returns for their input cost, they promised bringing back black money, and creating jobs. None of this was done but they are going ahead with reconversions," said SP leader Ram Gopal Yadav.

He was joined by other members, including Janata Dal-United leader Sharad Yadav and Left leader Sitaram Yechury.

Trinamool Congress leader Derek O'Brien said: "We are not running away from a discussion. We want a discussion on the issue of conversion. We want the PM to come to the house".

Congress leader Anand Sharma, meanwhile, said: "Opposition is not running away from a debate, it is the prime minister, who is shying away resulting in the deadlock."

Opposition members then trooped near the chairman's podium, displaying placards and shouting slogans.

As protests continued, Deputy Chairman P.J. Kurien adjourned the house for the day.

The Lok Sabha was adjourned till 2.20 p.m. Monday following a protest by opposition leaders on the issue of religious conversions.

Soon after Congress member K.C. Venugopal raised the issue during zero hour quoting an incident from Kerala, Parliamentary Affairs Minister Venakiah Naidu responded by saying that the government was nowhere involved in it.

Amid the din, the house was adjourned till 2.20 p.m.

Mind you NDTV reports a major breakthrough which should not be a breakthrough at all.

Here it is!

Why would you not cancel the visit,this explains very well.

Under a 2010 nuclear liability law, nuclear equipment suppliers are liable for damages from an accident, which companies say is a sharp deviation from international norms that put the onus on the operator to maintain safety.


From the 1950s, when the United States was the only exporter of nuclear reactors, liability has been channeled to plant operators across the world.

India's national law grew out of the 1984 Bhopal gas disaster, the world's deadliest industrial accident, at a factory owned by US multinational Union Carbide Corp which families are still pursuing for compensation. (Also Read: India Warned Lashkar May Be Planning Strike For Obama Visit, Say Sources)

The law effectively shut out Western companies from a huge market, as an energy-starved country seeks to ramp up nuclear power generation by 13 times, and also strained US-Indian relations since they reached a deal on nuclear cooperation in 2008.

GE-Hitachi, an alliance between the US and Japanese firms, Toshiba's Westinghouse Electric Company and France's Areva received a green light to build two reactors each. They have yet to begin construction several years later, according to India's Department of Atomic Energy.

Even Indian suppliers refused to sell equipment until the law is amended or they can be sure they are indemnified against any liabilities.

"We are working fast to address the concerns of suppliers. We are working on a solution with the insurance companies," RK Sinha, Chairman of India's Atomic Energy Commission, told Reuters. (No Shadow of Vladimir Putin's India Visit on Barack Obama's Trip: US)

State-run reinsurer GIC Re is preparing a proposal to build a "nuclear insurance pool" that would indemnify the third-party suppliers against liabilities they would face in the case of an accident.

Under the plan, insurance would be bought by the companies contracted to build the nuclear reactors who would then recoup the cost by charging more for their services. Alternatively, state-run operator Nuclear Power Corporation of India (NPCIL) would take out insurance on behalf of these companies.

Mr Sinha said New Delhi believed the insurance plan was the best option given how tricky changing the law would prove, and that the proposal should be ready within the next two months.

Details of the plan have yet to be thrashed out, and Mr Sinha said the government was considering how it would better capitalise NPCIL. (Also Read: Nawaz Sharif asks Barack Obama to Raise Kashmir Issue During India Visit)

GE declined to comment on the Indian proposal to offer insurance cover. Westinghouse said it needed more information before it could comment.

One Indian company said it was ready to return to the 2,800 megawatt Gorakhpur nuclear power project in the northern state of Haryana it abandoned, once the insurance cover is in place.

Moves to win over the Americans coincide with Russia's push to build more nuclear reactors in India.

Earlier this month, during President Vladimir Putin's visit, Russia's state-owned Rosatom said it would supply 12 nuclear energy reactors for India over 20 years, following two it has already built in the south of the country. (Russia Remains Our Top Defence Partner, Says PM Modi After Meeting President Putin)

G Balachandran, one of India's foremost nuclear affairs experts, said Russia appears to believe it can operate with the existing nuclear liabilities law without suffering a loss.

This week US and Indian nuclear affairs officials, as well as representatives from the NPCIL Ltd, Westinghouse and GE-Hitachi met to advance implementation of the nuclear deal, an Indian foreign ministry official said.

The group is meeting again early next month, before Obama arrives, to move the discussion forward.

Creating the insurance scheme to help projects get off the ground is GIC's "top priority", chairman Ashok Kumar Roy said in an email, although he cautioned that the timing, coverage and level of participation were yet to be finalised.

Indian Express reports:

The high-octane 'Make in India' campaign, which was announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his Independence Day speech followed by a mega inaugural event, will now make an appearance on Republic Day as well.

The department of industrial policy and promotion (DIPP) is planning a 'Make in India' tableau that will cruise along Rajpath in New Delhi on Republic Day.

US President Barack Obama will be the chief guest at the 66th Republic Day celebrations. India is keen on roping in the United States as a key partner in its agenda to make the country a manufacturing hub.

DIPP has floated a tender for the tableau, which has to be fabricated before January 11, 2015.

According to a source related to the development, the tableau will feature some of the prominent manufacturing sectors of the country such as automotive, oil and gas, food processing and textile and apprel. The tableau will reflect the best among the 18 sectors identified in the 'Make in India' campaign.

"The aim is to showcase our strength and policies in various important sectors to the foreign companies to project India as the next manufacturing hub. We are already in the process of expediting work on Make in India," the source told The Indian Express.

The tableau might just be the 'wow' factor needed to inject momentum into the campaign that has been faltering since its glitzy launch on September 25, with the who's who from global corporations in attendance.

The government has since been under criticism for not being able to tap the interest generated by global investors and attract multinational companies to commit investments in manufacturing facilities.

Later this month, the DIPP is convening a strategy meeting with various ministries and departments, which would be chaired by Prime Minister Modi.

In attendance at the December 29 meeting will be secretaries of all sectors which are a part of the campaign including oil and gas, energy, capital goods, railways, food processing, textiles and apparels, airport and port, auto and auto components and micro, medium and small enterprises.

"The secretaries will have to make a short, say five minutes, presentation to the Prime Minister explaining what has their department planned on improving the manufacturing sector and ease of doing business in their respective sectors. These presentations will have to be translated into work as soon as possible," the official said adding that finance minister Arun Jaitley will be the chief guest at the workshop.

Also attending would be the cabinet secretary and principal secretaries of industry departments of states.

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