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No question to Kill article 370,the basis of Accession Of Jammu And Kashmir State To India,rather we should demand it should be extended to every corner of the Himalaya as only it may protect our people from racial apartheid saving the Nature and the Earth.

No question to Kill article 370,the basis of Accession Of Jammu And Kashmir State To India,rather we should demand it should be extended to every corner of the Himalaya as only it may protect our people from racial apartheid saving the Nature and the Earth.

Palash Biswas

Kashmir remains out of corporate free market economy thanks to Article 370.It is not patriotism anyway,it is free market compulsion to kill 370,which might invoke political complexities unpredited,but it would help to inject the corporate zionist virus in the veins of Jammu and Kashmir as it has been in rest of the country.

For me,I want article 370 to be implemented all over the Himalayas and in all the racially discriminated tribal humanscape on indian map to protect the Nature, environment, humanity human rights as Indian constitution is made failed in these areas by the money laundering promoter builder mafia ruling class brute and absolute, as this entire landscape is marked red with absence of rule of law, democracy, representation, civic and human rights.

Had it been the reality,given Article 370 implemented in Uttarakhand Himalayas, we might have aborted the great  Kedar Nath Tsunami and hundreds of lost villages,scores of valleys would have the opportunity to survive!

Let me clarify, we always welcomed the creation of separate states of Uttarakhand,Jharkhand,Chhattishgargh and Telengana.Mny of us have been actively involved in mass movement there. My father an East Bengal partition ejected Bengali Dalit Ambedkarite as well as Marxist Kisan Sabha leader led the Dhimri Block peasants' uprising inspired by Telengana Rebellion.

As a child aged under ten,reading just in second or third class in the local primary school,I witnessed the hearing,onviction,punishment and bailing out of my father and his comrades in Nainital court.

It was my firt visit to my home lake city from the refugee colony which lter adopted me as a student of GIC and DSB college and my identity was radically changed form magin to mainstream at a stroke.

For my bread and butter compulsion, I had to eject me out of the Himalayan heavenlike every other man or woman from the Himalays.

Let me clarify,Indian constitution provided Schedule Five and schedule Six not only to protect the aborigin indigenous communities,but it could help to stop the day to day corporate rape of the Nature,absolute loot of the natural resources of the nation and the people.

But no where in the Himalayas,not in China bordered Pithoragargh, Uttarkashi and Chamoli tribal areas,not across Yamuna and Tauns valleys amidst the matriarchal aborigin humanscape,no where, nobody knows anything about Indian constitution,rule of law,democracy whatever it would have been and the colonial revenue system sustained under Patwari Raj in absence of land reforms,in absence of Fifth and sixth Schedule.

However,our people have got a separate state to lose everything even the tourism not to mention land,jungle and water,livelihood and nature associated peaceful life all on name of development.

The infrastructure in nothing but corporate realty affair unfair overwhelming and enveloping the Hills all over the Himalayas from Himachal to Arunachal.

No where,not in the Himachal,not in Uttarakhand ,not in Gorkhaland in West Bengal,not in Sikkim,not in the entire  North East including Assam, nowhere the aborigin people have their rights under Fifth and Sixth schedule.

Rather the naked violation of fifth and sixth schedule under so called so hyped Gujarat model of PPP development has landed us in a RAM RAJYA and we all know the episodes or Ramayana where the aborigin indigenous people remained subjected to eternal persecution,war and civil war and ethnic cleansing.

We have landed ourselves into the epic age of Ramayana.Gujarat model of development is the latest brand of ethnic cleansing.

The self styled patriotic Swaraji shafron government united Finance and Defence ministries personified by Arun Jet Li to accommodate HUNDRED percent FDI in defence with his excellent martial art.

My countrymen,it is cidition naked.

And lo, the empowered civil society,the intellectuals and the media speak in the language of Adam Smith`s economics.Making money is the other name of moksha,salvation!

The popular west ministerial colonial Majoritarian democracy  mandate  enacted by the just thirty one percent support of the polled rigged provoked invoked engineered votes showcasing the EXIT of RED and Blue alike has certified the Gujarat Ethnic Cleansing model of corporate FDI Realty PPP model of mass destruction.And for religious super nationalism which eclipsed,managed,manipulated,engineered and subordinated  all other nationalities,it is suraj of Maryada Puroshottam.

As in the Himalayas,all over the central India, in the tribal lately NDA created  states of Jharkhand and Chhattishgargh introduced SALWA JUdum pattern of immunity to corporate crimes and Indian states WAR Crimes against its own people.

Congress is voted out as it must have been despite its sweetened hindutva and secular hypocricy CPIM branded.

NDA is credited to create separate Telengana,the original Maa Bhoomi of peasant uprising in free India where fifth and sixth schedules have never been implemented as it have not been either implemented in Rajsthan, Gujarat, Maharashtra, MP, Chhattishgargh, UP,Bihar,Bengal,Orissa,karnataka and Tamilnadu tribal areas.

No Where on Indian Map!

For references(thanks Dr Anand Teltumde!) just see:

Important Historical Documents

These documents tell their own story about the events of Jammu & Kashmir, and speak louder than any propaganda.

List of Documents:

Maharaja Hari Singh's Letter to Mountbatten

Text of letter dated October 26, 1947 from Hari Singh, The Maharaja of Jammu & Kashmir to Lord Mountbatten, the Governor General of India. This letter clearly spells out what prompted the Maharaja to rush to India and the crisis precipitated by the Pakistani invasion of J&K.

Accession Of Jammu And Kashmir State To India

The terms of the accession of the State of Jammu & Kashmir to the Union of India. This document contains the terms of the accession of the State to India as well as Mountbatten's acceptance of the Instrument of Accession.

Text of India's Indian Complaint to the Security Council, 1st January 1948.

This complaint made by India to the UN placed the Jammu & Kashmir problem before the world body. The intention was to ask the world community to acknowledge Pakistani aggression on the people of J&K and to force Pakistan to vacate its troops from that state so that a final solution to the question of the state's accession to India could be found.

Sheikh Abdullah's speech to the UN

Excerpts from the speech made by Sheikh Mohammed Abdullah in the Security Council Meeting No.241 held on 5 February 1948. In this speech, Sheikh Abdullah explains why the world body needed to force Pakistan to vacate its troops from J&K. The pity is that the UN failed India and the leaders of J&K, and paved the way for years of "dispute".

U.N.RESOLUTION August 13, 1948.

This is the most significant resolution passed by the UN on the state of Jammu & Kashmir. It clearly states that Pakistan was to vacate its troops from the whole of the state. It also mentions, albeit indirectly, that Pakistan had consistently lied on the question of whether or not its troops were involved in the fighting in Jammu & Kashmir. Once the then Pakistani Prime Minister conceded that Pakistani troops were indeed involved, the UN had no option but to ask for their withdrawal. That the withdrawal never took place, is another story.

Resolution on Assurances adopted by U.N. Commission for India and Pakistan(UNCIP) 1948

This resolution was in the form of an assurance provided to Indiabefore the main U.N. Resolution of August 13, 1948, was to be implemented.

Article 370 of the Indian Constitution

The Indian government gave special concessions to the state of Jammu & Kashmir and did not try to wholly assimilate it with India. The aim was to give the peoples here greater control over their lives. Inhabitants of this state do not pay taxes and are exempt from many Indian laws. Outsiders cannot purchase land and cannot set up businesses in J&K to this day.

Excerpts from Sheikh Abdullah's Opening Address to the J&K Constituent Assembly

Excerpts from the speech made by Sheikh Mohammed Abdullah addressing J&K Constituent Assembly held on 5th November 1951. "The source of all sovereignty reside fundamentally in the nation ……. Sovereignty is one and indivisible , inalienable and imprescriptable. It belongs to the nation." said Sheikh Abdullah

The Tashkent declaration 10th February 1966

The Prime Minister of India and the President of Pakistan, having met at Tashkent and having discussed the existing relations between India and Pakistan hereby declare their firm resolve to restore normal and peaceful relations between their countries and to promote understanding and friendly relations between their peoples. They consider the attainment of these objectives of vital importance for the welfare of the 600 million people of India and Pakistan. [Text of the Declaration]

The Kashmir Accord 13 Nov 1974

This accord was signed between National Conference leader Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah and Mrs. Indira Gandhi, Prime Minister. This accord led to Sheikh Abdullah's subsequent assumption of office as Chief Minister in February 1975. [Text of the Accord]

Simla Agreement, 2 July 1972

This agreement on Bilateral Relations between India and Pakistanwas signed after the 1971 India-Pakistan War, in which Pakistan was defeated conclusively and which resulted in the creation of Bangladesh. India refrained from attacking or finishing off Pakistan and signed this agreement with the hope that henceforth the countries in the region would be able to live in peace with each other. The then Pakistani Prime Minister, Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, also promised the then Indian Prime Minister, Mrs Indira Gandhi, that his country would accept the Line of Control (LOC) in the state of J&K as the de facto border and would not try ot de-stabilise it. This was not formally entered in the agreement because Bhutto said it would cause domestic problems for him at this juncture. Mrs Gandhi magnanimously accepted his promise and did not formalise that part of the agreement. But Pakistan, as later events were to prove, never kept its part of the deal.

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