Saturday, May 17, 2014

Modi to be the Only Sarkar in New Govt

May 17 2014 : The Economic Times (Kolkata)
Modi to be the Only Sarkar in New Govt

Scale of verdict means Modi now has free hand

Who's going to be in a Modi sarkar has been a matter of furious media speculation aided by many off-record briefings from BJP leaders. After the emphatic verdict for Modi, no one in BJP or even RSS is willing to speculate.

A Modi sarkar will be decided entirely by Modi, that's the line from the party and the parivar. Modi, a senior RSS leader said, should choose the party president as well, should Rajnath Singh move to the Cabinet.

A meeting on Saturday between BJP and RSS brass may decide the main contours of the Modi council of ministers, a senior BJP leader said. "But all the main calls will be his," this leader said. The NDA government is expected to take oath on May 21. "We will know about ministries then," another BJP leader said. Whether Arun Jaitley's defeat in Amritsar would be an impediment in his being brought into the Cabinet was also a question that Modi alone can answer, BJP leaders said. "If he wants Jaitley, who will stop him," this leader said.
However, all BJP leaders were unanimous that after this mandate, leaders known to have opposed Modi at various fora and in various ways will simply have to accept the PM-to-be's decisions.
"Whether Advani or Joshi will get anything...who knows," a BJP lead er quoted earlier said. "And Sushma Swaraj will have to accept what Modi of fers her".

" M o d i p l ay s h i s cards close to his chest...there's no way to say what he has got planned," another BJP leader said.
There has been speculation that a Modi gover nment will have a smaller cabinet and invite a few technocrats to serve under politician-cabinet ministers. There's also been speculation about portfolios for Rajnath Singh, Jaitley and Swaraj.
But with the scale of the vote for Modi, only Modi will ultimately determine how a Modi sarkar will look like.

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