Saturday, May 3, 2014

Marichjhapi Massacre - documentary

"... Exactly 30 years ago, Dalits, in West Bengal, came to realize the true nature of Indian state that is being dominated, in every sense, by a tiny section of population but at a great personal cost. It was in 1979, when thousands of Dalits, refugees from East Bengal (now Bangladesh) lost their lives at Marichjhapi, in Sunderbans, for their dream of resettling in the region which they considered part of their motherland.

Marichjhapi is just one incident in the tragic tale of one of the most powerful Dalit Community-Namashudras of Bengal - who first became the victim of Hindu-Muslim communalism during the partition and later became the victims of their castes in independent India.

Moreover, the complete silence of Bengal's civil society for almost 30 years and the fact that Dalits were killed by Communist government of West Bengal that came in the power in the name of poor and dispossessed, raises some serious questions about representation of Dalits in every sphere, the constitution of civil society and hegemony of few privileged castes over the political power in Independent India. ..."

Marichjhapi and the Revenge of Bengali Bhadralok - Written by Anoop Kumar, Ajay Hela and Nilesh Kumar - Published on 20 July 2012

First genocide in Marxist Regime in Bengal - Marichjhapi Massacre Part-I

Marichjhapi Massacre Part-II

Marichjhapi Massacre Part-III

Marichjhapi Massacre Part-IV

Marichjhapi Massacre Part-V

Marichjhapi Massacre Part-VI

Marichjhapi Massacre Part-VII

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