Friday, September 23, 2016

Thus, RAFALE deal struck!Thanks to Kashmir! Palash Biswas

Thus, RAFALE deal struck!Thanks to Kashmir!

Palash Biswas

It is unprecedented war campaign making in public opinion at home as well as worldwide for yet another Indo Pak clash in the border. It reminds the pattern of war campaign launched by Bush War Machine activated in United States of America as the corporate media worldwide campaign to build up a false resistance against so called weapons of mass destruction in Iraq to launch the war against the middle east to capture oilfields and resultant in Taliban to ISIS which made entire middle East And Africa subjected to American Spring.

Having signed nuclear deal with India,Bush injected the American Spring in Indian psyche to make Indian ocean peace zone a burning oil field for the survival of US War Economy in turmoil with the burns of wars since Vietnam and which have to be continued at any cost to bring home the dead soldiers and marines or those live dead humanity inflicted with personality disorder.

This war cry is being presented as a consumer product with strategic marketing in media and social media as the offspring of neoliberal reforms divested the unity and integrity of Indian nation, its democracy, its natural and human resources along with everything public including defence and internal security just to serve the interests of the desi videsi companies selling the weapons of mass destruction and we have been subjected to radioactive environment as nuclear plants have become viral in our veins so dangerously.This blind nationalism happens to be most antinational in this sense.

This war cry all on the name of false patriotism is nothing but simple business interests with huge stakes by those praivate companies around the world in the wide open Indian Weapon market.

Unfortunately,Indian people,specifically the people in Kashmir vally,a different demography with majority Muslim population  have to be the victims as well as those human beings across the borders who would be sacrificed in border clash which might well be resolved with diplomatic bilateral exercise.

Those vomiting venom against humanity and nature have not to pay anything,the taxpayers have to pay the bill of commission to be paid as it has been the story of all defence purchase.Millions of people around this geopolitics have to be desettled yet again as the partition holocaust continues. Specifically those,who have to lose their sons converted into martyrs.

No conscience seems to relevant as it was not there anywhere to skip the war in the oilfields and the media misled the humanity.

Media reports:

Rafale fighters are 4.5 generation jets and with the deal for 36 aircraft being signed today, the Indian Air Force's (IAF) combat power will be enhanced significantly. The Rafale fighter jet is equipped to carry out both air-to-ground strikes, as well as air-to-air attacks and interceptions during the same sortie. 

Rafale is an "omni-role" aircraft, with a full-range of advanced weapons such as Meteor Beyond-Visual-Range (BVR) missile, SCALP long-range missile, helmet mount system, AESA (Active Electronically Scanned Array) radar and latest warfare systems.

Dassault Aviation says that the aircraft has the ability to track targets and generate real time three-dimensional maps. It has a wing span of 10.90m; length of 15.30m; and a height of 5.30m.

The digital 'Fly-by-Wire' Flight Control System is aimed at providing longitudinal stability. But, more than anything else, it is the missiles that are integrated on the Rafale that add to the IAF's firepower.

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