Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Victory in Tripura assembly bye-elections

Victory in Tripura assembly bye-elections

Press Release

Victory in Tripura Assembly Bye-Election

The Polit Bureau of the Communist Party of India (Marxist), now in session
in New Delhi, hails the victory of the CPI(M) candidate in the bye-election
to the Amarpur assembly constituency in Tripura.

The Polit Bureau has congratulated the Tripura State Committee for this
victory and thanked the people of Amarpur for reposing their faith in the

The detailed result along with the statement of the Tripura State
Secretariat of the Party is attached herewith.

(Hari Singh Kang)

For Central Committee Office

Result of bye-Election to 42-Amarpur Assembly constituency in Tripura were
declared today. As expected, Left Gront sponsored CPI(M) candidate Comrade
Parimal Debnath won the election with the biggest ever margin in this
constituency defeating his nearest BJP candidate by more than 10 thousand
votes. The Left Front candidate polled more than 60% of the valid votes and
the BJP candidate got 28.92% vote. All other candidates in the contest
including the Congress have lost their deposits.  The result:

Total Vote in the constituency                                   38,271

Total valid vote
33,740                   88.16% (Polling percentage)

Votes polled by the candidates

Parimal Debnath                             CPI(M)                  20,355
60.33%  won

Ranjit Das                                            BJP
9,758                   28.92%

Chanchal Dey                                    INC
1,231                     3.65%

Pabitra Mohan Jamatia                                 IPFT
1,623                     4.81%

Nakshatra Jamatia                           INPT
146                      0.43%

Bijoy Das                                             Amara Bangali
149                      0.44%

Ranajoy Jamatia                               Independent          216

262                      0.78%

The Tripura State Secretariat of the Party in a statement conveyed warm
greetings to the people of this constituency for this landslide victory. The
Secretariat also thanked the election staff and officers, security jawans
and  officials for free and fair peaceful conduct of the election without
any incident.

The margin of the CPI(M) candidate in this  bye-election is bigger by about
6500 than that in the 2013 general Assembly election. This indicates that
Left Front's support base is gradually getting wider through implementation
of innumerable development projects by the Left Front Government.  A large
section of Congress supporters seemingly voted for BJP, as indicated in this
poll result. This nakedly exposed the bankruptcy of the state Congress
leadership in carrying on ideological struggle against Hindutva elements,
the statement said.

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