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Students and teachers of NLU-Bangalore condole Rohith Vemula ’s death, condemn shrinking democratic space

Students and teachers of NLU-Bangalore condole Rohith Vemula 's death, condemn shrinking democratic space

fb_img_1453073237283.jpgWe, the concerned students, researchers and teaching faculty, of the National Law School of  University, Bangalore express deep condolences on the sad demise of Mr. Rohith Vemula, a PhD scholar in Science, Technology and Society Studies Programme at the University of Hyderabad (UoH).

Rohith was one among the five 

Rohith was one among the five  students who were expelled from their hostels and were not permitted to participate in the student's union elections, enter administration building and other common places in groups on account of an earlier alleged altercation with a member of another student organization in the University. However, in the process, the present administration ignored the discrepancies and inconsistencies in the findings and recommendations of the Proctorial Board. Rohith and his friends were vocal about the instances of caste- on campus, and have been fighting against the insensitive attitude of the administration, which has shown blatant disregard for social justice and human dignity.

This horrifying incident cannot be viewed in isolation. Our educational institutions are becoming increasingly exclusionary with time. This is also a reflection on the shrinking democratic spaces within our institutions, with dissenting voices being brutally suppressed and termed as 'antinational'. It is significantly an onslaught on the freedom of speech and expression guaranteed by the Constitution of India.

The Police registered an FIR on Rohith's suicide, against few individuals, which includes the current Vice Chancellor, Prof. Appa Rao Podile. FIR was registered under IPC section 306 (Abetment of Suicide) and Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe (Prevention of Atrocities) Act, 1989. Further, the students seeking end to discrimination against Dalits on campus, including Rohith, had spoken about the vindictive nature of the administration on previous occasions. We therefore demand that those who are responsible for Rohith's suicide and social boycott of the students be made answerable and an impartial investigation must be conducted to look into the issue.

We stand in solidarity with the agitating academic community of UoH. It is our responsibility to strongly condemn any such violations of and uphold the spirit of the Constitution. We condemn any attempt to shrink democratic spaces within educational institutions.


  1. Deepankar
  2. Osho Chhel
  3. Gaganjyot Singh
  4. Aditya Mehta
  5. Karundeep Singh
  6. Shreyas Satadeve
  7. I.R. Jayalakshmi
  8. Vijay Kishor Tiwari
  9. Neenu Suresh
  10. Sonali Charak
  11. Chirayu jain
  12. Simranjit Singh
  13. Spadika Jayaraj
  14. Kaushik Prasad
  15. Rajini Murugeshan
  16. Annie Jain
  17. Apurva Wankhede
  18. Rohan Gupta
  19. Arti Kumari
  20. Vani Sharma
  21. TVS Sasidhar
  22. Abhishek Kumar
  23. Noaman M
  24. Harsha N
  25. Mukta Joshi
  26. Megha Mehta
  27. Ayush Singh
  28. Divij Joshi
  29. Beena
  30. Elizabeth V.S.
  31. Mathavi
  32. Reeya Singh
  33. Nandini Biswas
  34. Pankhuri Agrawal
  35. Dharma Teja
  36. Nikita Garg
  37. Pradeep Ramavath J
  38. Jyotsna Sripada
  39. Paldron Tenzin Tsering
  40. Aditya Vardhan Sharma
  41. Vikas Gautam
  42. Sukhbeer Singh
  43. Siddharth Raja
  44. Protyush Choudhury
  45. Hafsa Bashir Bhat
  46. Neha Rajpurohit
  47. Akash Meena
  48. Aishwarya Gaur
  49. Prachi Singh
  50. Kriti
  51. Aakarshi Agarwal
  52. Pooja Singh
  53. Yogesh Dilhor
  54. Sanjana.M
  55. Meghana Muddurangappa
  56. Harjas Singh
  57. Aditya Patel
  58. Swati Mohapatra
  59. Saumya Maheshwari
  60. Padmini Baruah
  61. Thangminlal Haokip
  62. Devashish Yadav
  63. Satya S. Sahu
  64. Manmeet Singh
  65. Aswin Vinodan K
  66. Dr. Anuja. S
  67. Abhijit Singh
  68. Aneesha Johny
  69. Ashwajit Gautam
  70. Neeraj Panicker
  71. Noaman M
  72. Arvind Ghimray
  73. Sneha S K
  74. Ashwin Pantula
  75. Anarghya Chandar
  76. Shruthi Raman
  77. R Jagannath
  78. Dr.D.S.Makkalanban
  79. Atulaa Krishnamurthy
  80. Surbhi Ajitsaria
  81. Bilal Anwar Khan
  82. Nimoy Sanjay Kher
  83. Simi Sunny
  84. Anjali Shivanand
  85. Kunal Ambasta
  86. Shrikant Wad
  87. Shibu Sweta
  88. Samuel Sathyaseelan
  89. Aditya Mukherjee
  90. Sharvari Kothwade
  91. Sharmila R.
  92. Akshat Agarwal
  93. Sharda S
  94. Sharwari
  95. Nupur Raut
  96. Parth Singh
  97. Dhruv Jadav
  98. Aman Shukla


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