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Notes on the International Situation: ENOUGH IMPERIALIST EXPLOITATION! IT MUST END!

Mail from Brazil:Notes on the International Situation: ENOUGH IMPERIALIST EXPLOITATION! IT MUST END!

Proletarians of all countries, unite!

Notes on the International Situation:


"Finally now, listen to this. As we see in the world, Maoism is marching unstoppably to lead the new wave of world proletarian revolution. Listen well and understand. Those who have ears, use them. Those who have understanding -- and we all have it -- use it! Enough of this nonsense. Enough of these obscurities. Let us understand this. What is unfolding in the world? What do we need? We need Maoism to be incarnated and it is being incarnated and that this generate communist parties to manage, to lead this new great wave of the world proletarian revolution that is coming. Everything they told us, the empty and silly chatter of the famous "new age of peace." Where is it now? What about Yugoslavia? What about other places? Everything became politicized, that is a lie. Today there is one reality, the same contenders of the First and Second World War are preparing a Third World War. We should know this and we, as the children of an oppressed nation, are part of the booty. We cannot consent to this! Enough imperialist exploitation! We must finish with them! We are of the third world and the third world is the base of the world proletarian revolution, with one condition, that the Communist parties brandish and lead! That is what we must do !!"

  Chairman Gonzalo, 24 de September 1992 speech, Lima, 1992, Red Banner 

With this guide, in these notes, we expound in an open and constructive manner the key issues regarding the present problems within the international communist movement. Issues on which there is not a unified comprehension, indispensable for the common action in defense of Maoism and its application to each specific revolution. This is, to initiate and develop people´s war in each country. To that end, we address the most pressing issues of the world today. Before proceeding, it is necessary to point out that these notes correspond to how we have been following the development of the main contradiction and the inter-imperialist contradiction (third contradiction) during the year 2013 until September-October. After this date we have only added a reference to the "Ukrainian crisis" in mid-January of the present year. We publish them with some delay because, despite of the time passed and that it does not cover anything that occurred since November 2013, it still conserves its validity. On the development of the second contradiction (proletariat-bourgeoisie), we will treat it in the next delivery of these notes.

 We publish the current notes despite de delay, guided by what Mariategui, the founder of the CPP, established in "the contemporary scene" (1925) "I do not think it possible to apprehend the entire panorama of the contemporary world in a theory. It is not possible, above all, to set in theory its movement. We have to explore it and know it, episode by episode, facet by facet. Our view and imagination will always be delayed in respect to the entirety of the phenomenon. Therefore, the best way to explain and communicate our time is one that is perhaps a little bit journalistic and a bit cinematographic" and then he added "that is another reason to bring these items to print" This is yet another reason that encourages us to place this notes at the reach of our internet readers, but not before making some precisions about what it's developing in Ukraine.

  Ukraine belonged to the Czarist Empire before de 1917 revolution and with the triumph of the 1919 Ukrainian proletarian revolution it was incorporated into the Soviet Union. Becoming a proletariat Dictatorship State and developing a socialist revolution. With Jrushov´s revisionist counterrevolutionary coup in 1956, capitalism and the bourgeoisie dictatorship were restored, whereby the former socialist Soviet Union became again a huge "prison of nations" and the feeling of being a soviet citizen was substituted y a dominant nationalist anti proletarian sentiment of "great Russian" imposed by the revisionism as part of its bourgeoisie ideology, unleashing national hatred. Whereupon the soviet revisionist dug their own grave, since these internal clashes within the Revisionist State accelerated its definite sinking and dislocation. 

The Social imperialist superpower, the revisionist ex-Soviet Union, was reduced the imperialist Russia. This means, it was converted into a "skinny dog" and continued as an atomic imperialist superpower, with an economic weight such as the imperialist power Italy and based mainly on the exportation of gas, oil, other raw materials and weapons.

Ukraine signed the 1993 Commonwealth of Independent States treaty, which recognized its statehood belonging to the Russian sphere of influence and its military authority. Historically, the axis on which the old Czarist regime was established, which is continued by the current Imperialist Russian State, is the one that goes from Kiev to Moscow, and then it was expanded to Petrograd. This makes the Ukrainian territory, not only the Crimean peninsula, considered to be its strategic zone by the Russian imperialist, like as its own territory, without its control and dominance, the existence of the very Russian State as an independent entity and mainly as an atomic superpower would be definitively questioned.

  For the foregoing reason, since 1991 until today, everything that the Russian Power does regarding Ukraine is to retain this status and everything that the only hegemonic superpower, the Yankee imperialism, and the other imperialist powers such Germany, France, Britain, etc. , do is to reverse this status placed upon tumbling foundations. The period of struggle against the two superpowers, has not ended yet, as is can be felt. This period includes what has been happening more sharply since the begging of the previous decade and that has streamed into the current situation that shakes Ukraine, Russia, and the entire world. 

So there we see the contest between the two imperialist superpowers, which now does not only takes place in the intermediate countries that separates them, as will be discussed in a corresponding part of these Notes, but has been taken to the "own strategic territory" of the Russian atomic superpower. Thus, we can establish that the annexation of Crimea by Putin´s Russia, is a desperate blow of Russian imperialists under Putin's direction, wielding the old doctrine of "Great Russian" (as the "poor Russian") to try to save the floor that is collapsing under its feet accelerated by the subversion driven by the other imperialist, stirring up national hatred against the Russian population and arming the fascist hordes, politician descendants of who served Hitler´s Germany against the Soviet nations in World War II, under the plan to crush them as a nuclear superpower. It is not a sign of strength but of weakness. But also, what do all these class struggle happenings in that region reveal? it reveals a truth that is hidden behind them, which is the sharpening of the class struggle of the proletariat against the bourgeoisie in that country, which has been expressed in all these decades, now much more than ever, as the contradiction of the masses against government in a country that is arena of struggle among the imperialist superpowers and powers. And with the lack of a reconstituted Communist Party, we see that different bourgeois factions and the imperialists try to take advantage of these "troubled waters" to mislead the masses of their way.

So we say, all the endless evils and suffering that the proletariat and the people in that country endure have an origin, a cause, in the capitalist restoration. Therefore, in the historical process of restoration-counter restoration that is happening there, what corresponds to the communists there is to rebuild their party, the CP as a militarized Marxist-Leninist-Maoist party, to initiate people's war to do the counter restoration, is to do the proletarian revolution to restore the dictatorship of the proletariat and further develop the socialist revolution. This has to be done in the midst of the struggle against foreign intervention, dividing the country into spheres of influence of the superpowers and imperialist powers, against the division of the country and annexations.


We are interested in seeing the development of the worldwide objective situation, focusing on the further maturation of the conditions for revolution. That is, the further development of the revolutionary situation in an uneven development in the world, which is demonstrated in the development of the new great wave of world proletarian revolution and, therefore, how Maoism is marching to direct it, the only guarantee to its victorious development; and it is being done, embodied by the peoples of the world, generating Communist Parties of a new type, Marxist-Leninist-Maoist Communist Parties, to initiate and develop new people´s wars, up to the worldwide people's war to bury imperialism and world reaction, inseparable from the irreconcilable struggle against revisionism.

There is no doubt that this is a process full of vicissitudes, a death struggle between Marxism and revisionism, between left and right. What is used by revisionists, rightists and agents of reaction to deny it all, to deny the advancement of Maoism and the new great wave of proletarian revolution, to sum up, to try to deny the motion of matter. 

It is necessary to crush all those point of view that seek to deny the existence and exacerbation of the three fundamental contradictions at the international level and especially the main contradiction, that´s to say, the one between the imperialist countries and the oppressed countries as expressed once again in the current war of aggression against Syria. 

The aim is to deny the greater maturity of the objective conditions in these countries; that are the base of the world revolution and the booty of the ongoing world redistribution, amid imperialist collusion and struggle. Therefore, attempting to deny the character of all armed attacks against the oppressed countries, that is as an imperialist plunder war, led by imperialism, mainly Yankee, acting alone or in partnership with other imperialist countries. 

The imperialist aggression, the imperialist war, the massive genocide and the imperialist plunder against the peoples of the oppressed nations, as we are seeing in Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, Mali, Syria, etc., unleashes the wrath of the people, that get up in powerful armed struggle and cause political, moral and thus military failure and quagmire of the imperialist. Thus unfolds the new great wave of world revolution. That´s why we say, the reaction spurs revolution. Therefore, liberation wars of all armed struggles of the people have a class character, regardless of whomever is the transitory force leading them. 

In this situation, for us, is primary to develop people's war to show the way and help develop the communist movement in those countries where it is weak, so they can break out of this situation and can strive for the direction of these armed liberation struggles that already exist, and transform them into people's war, the only guarantee to bring the democratic revolution to the end; to which end they need the constitution of a Communist Party.

Hence the importance of developing further the global campaign to support people´s wars in Peru, India, etc. To create international public opinion not only in favor of these ongoing people's wars (despite the difficult and complex circumstances facing today's Peru People's War, which it has to overcome fulfilling the task of the general reorganization of CPP in a hard struggle against revisionism within and outside, in cahoots with the reaction, trying to prevent the accomplishment of this task, as it is being unsuccessfully done by the infiltrated reaction agent that usurps the Red Sun webpage).

Furthermore, as stated, an effective anti-imperialist front led by Maoism could be put forward only on the basis of the development and coordination of people's wars in different parts of the world, mainly in the oppressed nations, which all armed liberation struggles and all other proletariat and peoples of the world struggles could join. We reaffirm that the oppressed countries are the bases of the world proletarian revolution; because there lives the vast mass of the Earth´s population and the poorest, deepest and more profound. Living in conditions that are not in accordance with the present attained state of civilization; who are victims of the most gigantic butcher by the imperialist plunder wars and its native lackeys.

In addition, it is necessary in order to change the world, to be clear on: the imperialism global crisis aggravates the struggle among them for the oppressed countries and areas of influence; that, therefore, the plans implemented through the ruling classes linked to the imperialist interests, what they do is exacerbate the critical economic situation in those countries, whose root is, its semi-feudal and semi-colonial or colonial status, where bureaucratic capitalism develops, a base that generates corresponding political and ideological forms. The global crisis will continue unloading over our societies while we maintain such condition and will remain the spoils of war of each new world´s redistribution.

Imperialism is not only one, as Lenin taught us: on one hand there are a handful of imperialist countries, whether these are superpowers or powers, in general oppressive countries; and, on the other hand, there are oppressed countries, which are colonial or semi-colonial countries. The latter economically subjected to imperialism, but possessing formal sovereignty or independence. 

Contrary to what is said by imperialism representatives and their revisionists lackeys such as ROL´s revisionist and capitulationist, in our country -the so called "economic liberalization", "globalization", "the new international division of labor", etc. - all that the imperialists have push forward with the ruling classes of these countries, most markedly in the recent decade, has not changed the character of these countries but rather has preserved and developed it, as we have shown in the earlier notes about bureaucratic capitalism.

In addition, in more than one occasion, Chairman Gonzalo, has said that: "It hides or conceals the feudal character of our countries, the root of backwardness on which imperialist exploitation acts; afterward they will try to dissolve it behind the concept of dependence. The semi-feudal base character of the in oppressed countries is denied and therefore is also denied the need for the peasant struggle to sweep it; while, on the other hand, they attempts to outline an anti-imperialism that lacking its natural base, the anti-feudal peasant mobilization, is dissolved in words and demagogic poses. This is to deny the necessity of the democratic revolution in the oppressed countries, the need of people's war, that in these is an agrarian war (which develops as a unitary war mainly countryside and the city a necessary complement), to end the three mountains that oppress them: imperialism, semi-feudalism and bureaucrat capitalism. ". 

Then, following the evolutionary path, the nature of the oppressed countries societies is maintained and, therefore, the democratic revolution is in completely in force, and it is done using revolutionary violence that today is people´s war. People's war to make revolution, to conquer and defend power; people´s war to confront the imperialist aggression for booty; People's War to confront the counter imperialist war; people´s war to do socialist revolution and global people's war to sweep imperialism and to confront the imperialist world war; and People's War to march towards Communism with proletarian cultural revolutions.

That is, we need people's war in all countries and continents for global people's war to sweep imperialism and reaction from the face of the Earth and continue the march towards communism. And this is what is being done by the Communists in Peru; a condition for the victorious development involves completing the pending task of the general reorganization of the Party, the heroic fighter who leads the people´s war, defending Chairman Gonzalo Leadership and Party unity basis, in death struggle against revisionism within and outside its rows, rejecting and crushing capitulation. This is also being done by the Maoist Communist Party of India, where the left, using the people's war plans and campaigns, with action against the armed and auxiliary forces keeps the reactionary right crushed and makes it dance to its rhythm, while the enemy tries to split the party with its drivel of "peace talks". 

That is the correct meaning of the communists struggle in other places and continents. In South America, the Communists are moving forward in the pending task of the reconstitution of the Communist Parties to initiate the People's War in Brazil, Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador, Colombia, etc. Amid class struggle and two-line struggle; upholding, defending and applying Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, principally Maoism with the contributions and developments of Chairman Gonzalo, the CPP and the People's War to the world revolution. In this task, the Communists face the repressive forces of bureaucratic-landlord serving imperialism, mainly Yankee, reaction and revisionism, shedding their precious blood, as the Communists in Brazil do, merging with the proletariat, the peasantry, the poor masses of the cities and the progressive intelligentsia and students.

In the reactionary Europe, communist undergo the task of the struggling for the reconstitution of the Party, in struggle against the "autonomous" anarchist tendencies opposing the Party and crushing the revisionist and opportunist positions and encouraging the masses class struggle, striving to lead their demonstrations. 


In Syria an imperialist war of aggression develops and its being tried to be cover up with a fig leaf as a civil war, what has not happed yet is the invasion and occupation of the country. It's an imperialist war of aggression against an oppressed country. 

There are two contradictions and three forces expressed: the main contradiction, which is also the main on in this current juncture, and the third contradiction, ie the inter-imperialist contradiction, which is secondary, but could become temporarily the main one, to then return the historically main contradiction to manifest itself as such. The three forces are first the US imperialist, its allies and lackeys; the Russian imperialism, its allies and lackeys; and finally, the forces of the country attacked by imperialism, now weak and disunited, without direction of the heroic fighter, the Communist Party, therefore, no united liberation armed forces, without a united front. But, with the party´s leadership, will turn from weak to strong; that is why we say, according to Chairman Mao, that in a strategic perspective, the forces of the attacked country are the only truly powerful and invincible. 

We have to repeat it as often as its necessary: for Marxism-Leninism-Maoism there isn´t only one imperialism but different imperialist countries. That is, imperialist powers and superpowers, that divide up the world according to their correlations of economic and hence political and military Power; balance of power that is changing every moment. So today there is a hegemonic superpower, USA; the other, the social imperialist former Soviet Union was left as a "skinny dog", reduced to what is today Russia, with an economic weight just as the Italian imperialism, but it remains a nuclear superpower. 

The latter is an important factor to be taken into account in order to study the development of the imperialist collusion and struggle for the redistribution; is a key factor for the US imperialists to maintain its hegemony and therefore important to all other imperialist countries. Because, if the United States, implementing its strategic plan for the inter-imperialist struggle with Russia, succeeds in establishing its "nuclear umbrella" and thereby manages to neutralize the offensive capability of the imperialist Russia's multi-warheads rockets (along with the spatial war capability) ; then, the military balance between them and Russia will be broken by the US side (based on similar nuclear power of both); and the US imperialists will have the ability to attack Russian soil and everything else.

That is the plan of the Yankee imperialism, which comes since the Carter time, with Reagan, became known as the "Star Wars". Today, it appears to be reduced to "European missile defense system with missile radar detection and missile elimination ", being set in "Poland and the Czech Republic "to protect Europe from a possible attack from Iran or North Korea "which is hindered because there is strong opposition from Russia." But let's not forget that, to have a clear understanding of the situation as a whole and of the negotiations and diplomatic agreements, at the same time, the joint -Yaqui and French- atomic offensive capability has been expanded and is positioned with nuclear submarines and other warlike devices in the Persian Gulf and Mediterranean Sea adjacent areas; thus, they are making a detour to overcome the intermediate countries that separate them from Russia. 

By the closeness achieved with its displacement it is in a close and direct position to threaten Russian soil and their defensive and offensive capabilities. But it is not enough, while on that side, there are still countries that separate them, that are in dispute, such as Iran and Syria. So what both superpowers are seeking at the time is to buy time so they can push further the development of the contradictions in the opposite side. This is what currently occurs in the " Ukrainian crisis", inside the strategic Russian influence area, or in the NATO mercenary subversive forces in Syria (forces of "opposition"), which is getting complicated, or in the imperialist countries within that Alliance, in the United States itself, and to improve their offensive or defensive preparation.

On imperialists alliances or alignments, keep in mind, that such "partnerships" are always circumstantial and temporary, there is no "imperialist blocs" that the contradiction among them are absolute; the imperialists are facing each other for their interests. The US imperialists have no friends, it only has enemies, like all hegemonic power in history; in this also we see how the great empires sink. For example, in the war against Afghanistan or the second in Iraq (2003), British imperialism served as the closest Yankee ally, this was not because they both have an Anglo Saxon culture. No, that was not the foundation, but as British Prime Minister himself confessed at the time, the genocidal Blair, conscious that they are no longer the former superpower, he stated that the alliance was to "ensure Britain a strong position (...) That proximity assured us (...) a significant influence (...) was correct. That was worth in the Near East. And that was worth more in China and India" (1). Today is France with Hollande, who pursuing Sarkozy´s plans seeks, in the shadow of the only hegemonic superpower, to be credited its dominance over the Mediterranean, on the shaft that goes in a straight line from the Atlantic to the Persian Gulf, so pretext to Europe's oil supply. See the White book on Defense of France 2009-2014. 

  For them, there are no "true friendship" principles, on the contrary, as taught by Chairman Mao, the struggle, the imperialist scramble for taking the biggest slice of the cake is absolute and the collusion with one another is relative, this determines the circumstantial and passenger nature imperialist alliances. As Marx said, ¡ what would it be of the proletariat if the bourgeoisie could unite!

The plan of Yankee´s imperialism and imperialist powers in collusion with him, for the current stage of the war in the Middle East, is similar to that applied against the former Yugoslavia. That is, looking forward to balkanize more the region; in this case Syria, to divide it into different influence zones, with its intervention disguised as "civil war" and as this does not give the desired result, when the time is right, with a direct military attack. First, they have sought the pretext in that the chemical weapons in the hands of the Assad´s government have been "used against the civilian population", despite all evidence to the contrary. Then, it will be the true or alleged violation of these agreements, which Assad has been taken to by the Russian government, which is a step in the capitulation to the aggressor country. For, as we have seen in the war against Iraq, after these "disarmament and control" agreement, after splitting over the front against aggression, economically weakening the country, after of provocations and endless lies to change public opinion in their favor, etc.; comes the direct and massive invasion or attack. 

The imperialists can violate whenever they want their own agreements, its own international law, and the non-aggression principles. The law is to be fulfilled by the other part; the only hegemon power uses it. What they seek to legitimize putting forward an alleged principle or doctrine of the "right to intervene" as was employed in 1999 in its aggression against Serbia for a change of the political regime and the secession of Kosovo as an imperialist protectorate, with the parking of 50 thousand NATO soldiers and an ethnic cleansing of Serbs and Gypsies, and did also so in Sierra Leone. We repeat, because it´s necessary to do so, when the imperialists, alone or in coalition, are against an oppressed country, or against several of these Third World countries, not only the main contradiction is expressed, but also the third contradiction is expressed, the inter-imperialist contradiction, as Chairman Mao taught us in the "Suez Canal crisis" in the mid-50s.

Therefore, we cannot allow them to throw dust at our eyes. Peace, harmony, among the imperialists are old theories retold, as of those of super imperialism, ultra imperialism, neo imperialism, neo colonialism etc., which, according to how Lenin characterized them, " theoretically, this opinion is absolutely absurd, while in practice it is sophistry a dishonorable defense of the worst opportunism "(2) . Old theories that today specifically are aimed against the democratic revolution, against the national liberation movement. 

As we have said, for Marxism-Leninism-Maoism there is not just one imperialism but different imperialist countries, that is to say imperialist powers and superpowers, the world is divided according to the correlation in economic and therefore military power, balance of power that is changing every moment. So today there is a hegemonic superpower, which is USA; the other is a "skinny dog", Russia and imperialist powers like Britain, France, Germany, Japan, China, Holland, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Italy, Spain, etc., which in total are only a handful oppressive countries.

It is instructive as an example to see how a "political science" professor, Martin Wagner, representative of German imperialism, shows the political and military consequences for Germany of the current relations among the imperialist forces; in relation to the case of the " NSA Affair" revealed by the ex-spy Snowden. This reactionary professor, contradicting a callused revisionist, concludes that pretending "as was raised by the future opposition leader Gregor Gysi (from the Left Party)" that "the federal government could treat with the United States 'at the same level' is living in a fantasy world in terms of the security policy," among other reasons because:
"Since the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991 the United States belongs to a league in which there isn´t any powerful opponent, neither economically nor militarily. Its share of world gross domestic product is 22 per cent and thus still significantly ahead of China, with the 12 percent, taking second place. Seen from the military point of view, the dominance is even higher: in 2012, the amount of American military spending was 646 billion dollars. This represents 41 percent of global military spending, or 78 percent of what the states of Europe, Eurasia, the near and Middle East, North Africa and Asia have together available for defense. In comparison: the German defense budget for 2012 was 40 billion dollars. American supremacy, which was built and expanded since World War naturally has implications for foreign and security policy (...) In all known 'National Security Strategies' of Chairman Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama , is established that the United States has the right to pursue its vital interests, if necessary, unilaterally. In the latest National Security Strategy, that White House had presented in May 2010, it literally says: 'The United States must reserve the right to act unilaterally if the defense of our nation and our interests demand it" (3). 

Undoubtedly, this German professor raises a lot Yankee´s "might" because it is representative of the German imperialist faction, and that in the current world situation it prefers to advance in the alliance with the US; these are called "Atlanticist". He seems to ignore the comparable atomic power in Russia and that there are other powers that also have nuclear and ballistic capability as England, France (with atomic submarine with nuclear warheads rockets) and China. The revisionist Gysi, doesn´t "live in a fantasy" as suggested by the "Atlanticist" German professor; at least is not as fanciful as the revisionist and capitulationist ROL in Peru, who argue that US imperialism is no longer the only hegemonic superpower. What this revisionist suggests, although doesn´t say, to the government of their imperialist State, criticizing Chancellor Merckel, is that at least it should use the contradiction of the Russian nuclear superpower, "the skinny dog", with the only hegemonic superpower, the Yankee imperialism, so it can stand up to the US government on the issue of massive NSA spying against them. Thus, in the parliamentary debate, this revisionist from the Left Party (ex-PDS, which was the successor of the revisionist SED of the GDR) shows that he intends to represent his bosses form other German imperialist faction, which favors an approach to use the contradiction between Russian imperialism and US imperialism, to advance in the current situation in the German imperialism purpose of becoming in the future a new superpower and struggle for world hegemony, these are known as the "Ostpolitik", ie approaching or negotiating with Russia, before they were supporters of approaching the former Soviet Union and its best known representative was Willi Brant (former foreign minister and head of the SPD) and his adviser Bahr. Another one that is getting aligned in this direction is the former Chancellor Schmidt, who had reminded a couple of years ago that at the time of Prussia, the Germans were Russia´s allies. Without forgetting that the former Chancellor Schröder also works for the Russian monopoly Gazprom. 


Yankee´s imperialism hegemonic status plunges it more, even more so than other imperialists. Because of its imperialist nature and in order to maintain its hegemony, which is specific to the Yankee's case, it is bound incur in several wars simultaneously, besides being militarily present in all continents of the world. 

It brings a huge cost, along with keeping its vast military machine and espionage at a state of war; are the costs for expenses already made in wars of aggression, the emerging costs to "help the veterans" and the war credits interest; excluding the social cost paid in its own soil, the contempt for the life and dignity of the masses of defenseless people that face the genocide applied against them in the countries experiencing US aggression, as part of the imperialist plan of subjugating them.

  How could it not have an impact on the population of that imperialist country and other imperialist countries, which is already part of the dominant culture, morality of the rulers, that is fair that the Chairman, in this case the genocidal Obama presses a button to order his "Dronns" shoot fire and massive steel against "targets" in the middle of densely populated areas; then in the media these genocides are praised as "great success in the fight against terror". Then the propagated images one can see a doomsday scenario of destruction and mangled bodies, which then is known to belong to children, the elderly and civilians, as they do every day.

  They do this not only in the countries against which they have declared war and whose armed forces are denied such war status and war laws, but they also do it against countries in which they carry an undeclared or secret war as in Yemen, Pakistan, etc. And they do it with total impunity; there aren´t laws against them, no judges, and no national or international courts are valid. Therefore we reaffirm that: ¡only the people with people's war does justice!

And this imperialist war must necessarily return home, following the example of the genocidal imperialism, with the same logic, there occurs at home mass murder against unarmed students and others helpless individuals to release their frustration. 

But, what is the most important, the movement against imperialist war will increase and added to the further exploitation of the class and the increasing poverty of the masses in their own country, all this spurs any way the intensification of the struggle classes in the United States, as it is also happening in all imperialist countries, ie, causing further aggravation of the second contradiction, the contradiction bourgeois-proletariat. 

In a long article in a newspaper linked to the German financial capital we read: "The Keynesian boost given by war to its economy, especially the big weapons monopolies, security companies, logistics troops and oil on the other hand, increases their domestic and foreign debt" (4).

The costs for US imperialism, according to this source, "for the war in Afghanistan would be US $ 3,103 billion so far and in the future must add US $ 3,987 billion; the second Iraq war costs US $ 3 billion so far to what must be added $ 7 billion interest accrued with war credits until 2053. They are almost unthinkable figures that weigh on public finances and the entire USA national economy. In the same newspaper it reads: 
"Finally Washington has had a moral failure, having conducted a baseless war and with false promises of freedom has caused incalculable evils heavier than the (economic) costs, which are also much higher than calculated. The prestige of America (USA) is unfortunate. Hence, it´s so hard for Obama to gain support for a military attack against Syria, which should punish Damascus poison gas attack: Obama is under the long dark shadow of his predecessor ". Moreover, in this diary the following is written on the war against Syria: "The Obama retained offensive against the dictator of Damascus has many foundations (...) one of the most important is barely spoken of: the money-or better the scarce money. America (USA) is highly indebted. The legal limit of indebtedness of 16.7 billion dollar will be reached in mid-October. The country is slowly recovering from a recession ..." (5).

US imperialism is the largest capital exporter worldwide, which is expressed in imbalances in its economy. US imperialism is a giant with feet of clay, with a huge foreign debt, households and businesses and large trade deficit. It is therefore the most monopolistic, the most parasitic and which is undergoing a further decay than other imperialist countries, which are also included in the process of the collapse-sweeping away. Both in the imperialist countries and oppressed countries rent-seeking is encouraged, a widespread way is the investment in debt- bonds emitted by the states and is the great business of banks, large financial bourgeoisie, in this way, investment of private savings in financial speculation is promoted rather than production. Thus, the states themselves, companies and individuals compete for the purchase of government debt. Speculation in debt bond is more pathetic in the Yankee case; because they finance their wars of aggression, military spending, injecting capital into developing its defense industry to try to boost its economy; another sign of sinking is: waging wars of aggression, increasingly, with immigrant soldiers of the oppressed countries and warlords in occupied countries (are signs that history has seen the collapse of empires, as the Roman and Spanish).


So, what do we see? A single hegemonic superpower, the United States, that as such leads, in collusion and conflict, the new distribution of the oppressed countries, trying to legitimize its aggression against these countries, first with its "war on terror" and / or with its "duty to protect ", ie now as before with the defense of their" human rights ". To create national and international public opinion in favor of its imperialist war of aggression, against the resistance war of those countries facing aggression and military occupation, and to isolate the armed national liberation struggles as "fundamentalist terrorism". So as to divide the anti-war imperialist movement in their own country and to crush the revolutionaries without recognizing their belligerent status.

What else do we see? A handful of imperialist powers collude in this predatory war and struggle with the Yankee superpower and each other to tear the biggest part in this new distribution, this is expressed in the agreements and disagreements expressed by the governments and parliaments of these powers even with various opposition forms , etc. 

So, what is the US imperialism for? It is for developing its war of aggression with bloodshed and fire with an immediate goal (Syria), another medium term goal (Iran) and a strategic objective (Russia). That is the imperialism´s plan, which it seeks to legitimize, to cover up or ambush to ensure its fulfillment. 

Control over Syria and Iran have great strategic importance for US imperialism, not only because of its strategic position with respect to its strategic objective (Russia); but also in the inter-imperialist struggle to ensure "forever" its condition as the only hegemonic superpower; by getting access to the strategic control of one of the world´s key regions to obtain oil for almost all other imperialist countries. So, they would have in their hands the control, at their will, of the oil provision to the rest countries. And this second aspect, presents itself as the most problematic to the Yankees in their wish to align others in its plan against Russia. The transitional agreement signed in recent days in Geneva between the "five plus one and Iran" does not alienate their imperialist goals, rather they put deadline for Iran to submit to their demands. Those are agreements on the way to undergo national subjugation or war.

The imperialism´s plan is not the search of agreement or consensus, quite the contrary (based on military force and deployment of these in combat position), before the military coup they seek to nationally and internationally isolate the assaulted by paralyzing, by the means of its propaganda and diplomatic action, the defense of the attacked country, accused of everything to discredit, to paint it as a villain and then treat it as such; to paralyze their material capacity (disarmament), divide their forces (the National Front) and demoralize. To boost the forces in support of national subjugation and capitulation to imperialism. Then the imperialism´s plan is not "peace agreements"; Therefore, it is not only stupid, but also a repetition of what the ROL said in Peru, that "peace was a necessity of imperialism" (see the hoax´s "letters ..."). So, what the reaction agent who has usurped the "red sun" web does is to spread confusion, serve the imperialist war and try to divert the Communists from fulfilling the task of the general reorganization of the Party. 

That's what we're seeing in the current imperialist intervention against Syria and in the preparation of the greatest genocide with direct military attack launched against this country. The imperialists are trying by all means, including diplomatic, to change the military forces balance on the ground in favor of the military aggression forces directed by their own officers, commands, advisers, weapons, played "opposition " military forces, who have lifted war to negotiate, based on the gains made on the battlefield, the new status of the country and the" transitional government "at their service, as the very intervention of Foreign Minister Kerry in the Yankee Senate reveals. Kerry said that if they do not attack then the Islamist forces, that are part of these "opposing forces" and are led by them, would benefit. It seems senseless right? But it makes sense; if you see that with the actual formation of "opposition" armed forces they won´t be able to win and even less to keep them very disciplined for their plans of a "new Serbia" in Syria. They are trying to learn the lesson from what is happening in Libya.

But US imperialism did not attack and was benefited from the deal, because with the credible threat of imminent attack, they achieved the partial disarmament agreement of Assad´s Syrian government, which was taken into by his defender (Russia). With the agreement, the US imperialists, won the "legitimacy" and the time needed to restructure its internal and external front (both in trouble as we have seen in news sources cited above in Part 3). And, most important, according to Kerry himself, time to address the issue of their "opposition forces". The time needed to reorganize these lackey ("opposition") mercenary forces centralizing political and military control of them under their tight command and then hit.

Hit in such a way that allows these "opposing forces" to take the lead and impose their "negotiated" way out, to divide the country into influence zones (following the "Yugoslav model"). To, in the next step, engulf Iran. That is what is behind the Syrian "agreement on the destruction of chemical weapons". Then, the role of Russia is having pushed farther the Asad government to capitulate and thus legitimize the aggression, recognizing that the monopoly of possession and use of weapons of mass destruction (ABC Weapons) belongs to the imperialists. As in the case of Iran, Russian imperialists want in exchange guarantees for them, say if there is no danger in Syria and Iran, then the it's not needded the "European nuclear umbrella; the " Yankees says: No! They no longer have the ability to manufacture nuclear weapons, but are still in possession of long-range ballistic missiles. All this shows what is behind. Despite the compromises, the dispute continues.

The imperialists do not want a united Syria in this strategic area and in the boundaries of their protectorate, the Zionist state of Israel. Nevertheless Yankee imperialism and its allies are losing in this Syrian "civil war". this was unveiled by the US Senate resolution authorizing, before the partial disarmament agreement, when it agrees to give Obama 60 days for "military action against Syria" and sets the increased aggression and genocidal political objective to "change the balance of power in favor of the opposition "(as reported by various media worldwide on 6 September). It is therefore not for the use of "sarin" or other by the regime against civilians what matters, they do not care for that at all.


  But the new distribution is made according to the economic, political and military correlation of forces among the imperialists, Therefore, before and after, the situation will be of tension among them, "the First World is redefining itself" (Chairman Gonzalo in the Third Plenum). The imperialist powers are struggling to become new superpowers so they can fight for world hegemony to occupy the place that now Yankee imperialism claims and impose through a new world war (which would be the third) a new world order and a new distribution.

But what is developing now comes since the early 90s. They are in the redistribution of the oppressed countries, which were submitted by the former Soviet social imperialism, which sank without having been defeated in a third world war. This is proven without a doubt by all the events of any importance, from the early 90s until now, including what is underway in Syria, war and non-war events, occurred from Eastern Europe to the former Soviet republics in Asia and the Middle East, Persian Gulf and Afghanistan.

  - Who runs this new world distribution? 

Yankee imperialism, in its position as a sole hegemonic superpower Syria today is where the nuclear superpower Russia still holds influence, then continues Iran, which is a key issue in all of this, because US imperialism wants to recover what it lost in 1979. Without losing sight that the strategic objective of US imperialism, in this imperialist collusion and struggle, is to neutralize and then crush the condition of nuclear superpower that Russian imperialism still holds. 

No! It is not yet the social imperialist China because of its still low offensive capability compared to other imperialist powers. In recent years, other than their territorial defense rings, they have only been able to deploy military forces to carry out an "anti-piracy police action" in Somalia. With China they still apply containment and mainly collusion, but the struggle is absolute, as among other imperialists. In the Gulf region, China has not deployed any military force and its companies in Iraq, for example, are under US imperialism military protection, just as their insurance of energy supply in this region. Lastly, the Chinese revisionists acting as Khrushchev in the Cuban missile crisis (1961), in an adventurous and capitulatory way, established a new aviation security area overlapped with Japan´s, Taiwan´s and Korea´s. Then the US imperialists sent two fighter jets who flew in the area established by China, so did the Japanese imperialists without asking any permission. When the Chinese Ministry of Defense, to save face, said they had accompanied these fighters; the Japanese imperialists said that China doesn´t have a combat aircraft able to get close to his. We can see that in Southeast Asia, India is used to contain the Chinese penetration in Nepal and other neighboring countries on that side.

Economically, Russia has not recovered yet, as some claim, now in 2013, during the world recession they face acute problems that are reflected in devaluation of the ruble against the US Dollar, the Euro and the Japanese Yen and the rising inflation and lower prices of commodities in the world market. It has not recovered since the early '70s, the former Soviet Union economic crisis deepened, its economy fell below that of the Italian imperialism, the fourth largest economy in Western Europe. Now it occupies the 11th place worldwide and its GDP is slightly over Italy´s. Russia besides being the second largest exporter of arms, after the United States, exports primarily oil, gas and metals and is an importer of machinery, heavy transport, chemical and electronics and electro-technical products. It is an exporter of capital. It is also necessary to weigh the following facts: 

"It has a 500 billion dollars reserve and a need for recovery in all investments areas close to that amount, which leads him to a dire need of capital and a strong inflationary development. Naturally, Russia strives after the fall of oil and gas prices, to obtain a better margin in that sector, in order to buy western technology and marketing. Therefore, it is quite dependent on the development of its own raw material base (...) The difficult Russia´s financial situation is especially clear in the defense sector, while all other sectors are in similar situation (in 2009, our note) (...) the objective situation in the military sector of the Federation does not provide a basis for demonstration of global power and threatening signs. The military budget in 2007 was 35 billion US-Dollar, US military budget is around 547 billion US-Dollar and Germany to around 37 billion US-Dollar (...) The need for weapons of the Russian Armed Forces is extremely high, after years of low funding. The consequences of the current economic crisis has beaten, especially the Air Force. The inventory of aircraft between 2002 and 2010 fell down from 5100 to 2000. All MiG 29 should be removed from traffic. 70% of all airfields are in need of an urgent overhaul. A regimental commander earns less than 600 Euros (much less than they earn in Peru with that level of command of troops, our note). The biggest problem for the maintenance of the officers is the housing problem. 122,000 officers still lack housing, although the German government for the withdrawal of the Soviet Army in the former GDR provided them with a one billion Euros aid program. Corruption -a general problem of the country- is also a problem in the army. In 2008, criminal sentences were issued against 290 officers and eight generals. There is no money for the equipment with simple uniforms, and 40% of the buildings of the Armed Forces need urgent renovation. Seeing the financial problems, one cannot think of a complete military reform as is urgently needed. The announcements of increased military force that come from Moscow from time to time cannot be taken literally (...) The number of recruits available are not sufficient to cover soldiers vacant seats (...) The Russian federation is, with the U.S, the largest nuclear power in the world. That position does not change either, although its economic power is like Germany, France or England" (6). This quote is a bit long, but in many we cases we prefer to do this, sacrificing the exposure´s agility, since one of the purposes of this study is to combat misinformation and distortion of the facts presented by the imperialists, reactionaries and revisionists, that serves the right-wing to try to make us lose our path. 

To be continued

(1)Tony Blair, My Way, London, 2010, editorial Hutchinson, p. 443. (2)Lenin: The imperialists, Highest Stage of Capitalism, Zurich, 1916 (3)Martin Wagner, "they are not at the same height, the powerful can use the law, the weak must comply it" in the German newspaper linked to the ruling party CDU. Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, December 9, 2013. Nr 286 p. 7. (4)Handelsblatt, German journal of economics and finance, weekend 2. / 7/8. September 2013, The Costs of War, p. 54 and 55. (5)Handelsblatt cited edition, Steel Storm, p. 48 and 49 (6)Klaus Ashe, Where is Russia going ?, February 2009, pages 67-96, in Helmut Schmidt editor, In depth: New Contributions to Understanding our World Edition Pantheon, in April 2012, in German
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