Wednesday, September 23, 2015 Let Me Speak Human!Mourn for DEAD Media! Kill the caste ,the caste system if you can! Palash Biswas

Let Me Speak Human!Mourn for DEAD Media! Kill the caste ,the caste system if you can!

Palash Biswas

Let Me Speak Human!Mourn for DEAD Media!

I am not concerned with politics.political power and political ideologies.For me,Politics is ultimate Hegemony. Politics is ultimate Corruption.Politics is ultimate Muscle Power.Politics is Racial behaviour.

I am in media since 1973.I never applied for any govt. or private job.Media had been Mission for me.Media that represented public opinion.Media that was national conscience.Media that voiced public grievances.Media that was all about public hearing.Media that was a apolitical activism to change the system to ensure equality,justice and peace.

What is politics?

What is economics?

I am associated with Nature.

I amd born and bought up in the Himalayan region.

I am the son of the Himalayas which happen to be singular geopolitcs for me irrespctive of nationalism and nationality,irrespective of langauge and religion,irrespective of identities.

Media,I am a part of this media coincidentally is batting for imediate Indian Intervention in Nepal and justifying Economic Blockade of Nepal.

Media is defending Mohan Bhagwat cause to kill reservation and quota.

Kill the caste ,the caste system if you can!

If you open a news paper it is caste conflict all the way.

If you open a newspaper or browse TV,it is all about the details of violence.Live violence.Violence against women.

India is inflicted with caste.

Nepal is also inflicted with caste.

Caste inflicts the geopolitics.

Kill the caste ,the caste system if you can!

Women remain enslave,deprived of every right despite so much so hyped empowerment.

I do not understand woman lib which opposes patriarchal system but is not concerned to change the syasetem

I am confused about apolyical activism which has been subordinated to Hegemony and class rule.

For me media always had been apolitical activism.

The Media is dead!

Mourn for the Media!

Indian Express Reports:

Nepal Ambassador: 'Our Constitution better than (India's)'  

The Indian Express reported Wednesday that India has conveyed to Nepal's leadership the seven amendments it wants in their Constitution to ensure it is acceptable to the Madhesis and Janjatis.

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