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Counter Jihad:Lotus blooms all over the world on Fire! Modified RSS aligned with America tags global Hindutva with zionist war against terror! Palash Biswas

Counter Jihad:Lotus blooms all over the world on Fire!

Modified RSS aligned with America tags global Hindutva with zionist war against terror!

Palash Biswas

Counter Jihad:Lotus blooms all over the world on Fire!

Modified RSS aligned with America tags global Hindutva with zionist war against terror!

I have already written.Darkest Dussehra for Indian people!

Religious wartime nationalism invoked unprecedented which is followed by unprecedented violence on the earth on fire.

It might be darkest Diwali as well.


news from the cpi(m)

October 6, 2014

Press Statement

The Polit Bureau of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) has issued the

following statement:

NIA Investigate Blast

The explosion in Khagragarh, near Burdwan town in West Bengal, which killed

two persons involved in bomb making, is a very serious issue.  There are

sufficient grounds to believe that extremist elements are involved.  The

concerned house is owned by a Trinamool Congress worker and it is alleged

that a TMC office used to function from the garage in the house.

The way in which the Burdwan Superintendent of Police and other state police

officials have dealt with the incident has raised doubts and questions.

It is essential, therefore, that the investigation into the incident be

handed over to the National Intelligence Agency as this concerns the

country's security. No effort should be spared to uncover the forces behind

the bomb-making centre.


Central Committee

Communist Party of India (Marxist)

A.K. Gopalan Bhawan

27-29, Bhai Vir Singh Marg, Gole Market

New Delhi 110 001

As the shafron tsunami is tagging every non hindu with the jihad networking with fierce most racial apartheid practiced ever.

Lotus blooms across the political border with different modes, aesthetics,format and identity.It is fanatic Islamist fundamentalism projected by the Jamat Hefazat network in Bangladesh.It is elements instrumental to get back army rule in Pakistan.It is anti Tamil ruling hegemony in Srilanka.It is drug network based taliban in Afganistan. It is get back monarchy campaign in Maoist Nepal.

Global hindutva has so many faces we never know as it is the best tool of the unipolar zionist global free market economy to capture the emerging markets worldwide.It is working within America and it is alsoi working very eeficiently within Arabian spring.Islamic State terrorism is the suitable format on which third oil war had to be relaunched at the cost of the discredited first ever Black untouchable US President Mr Barack Obama.

The predestined fate of the first Shudra Prime Minister of India introduced by RSS to make in India a multinational corporate Hindu Rashtra amidst unprecedented violence and unprecedented ethnic cleansing with showcased inclusive diversity betrayal.

Whatever may be the faith,whatever might be the religion,it is a matter of personal privacy with some social bondage as it had been for thousands of years.Major events like the Kumbha with millions of participants had been managed quite peacefully for centuries.

But then the religious rituals meant religious rituals and it had nothing to do with power politics.

But then the religious rituals meant religious rituals and it had nothing to do with identity politics.

But then the religious rituals meant religious rituals and it had nothing to do with ambush marketing.

But then the religious rituals meant religious rituals and it had nothing to do with event management.

But then the religious rituals meant religious rituals and it had nothing to do with desi or Videsi companies.

All types of myths,religious icons,totems,rituals and occasions are events managed with marketing strategy for the sustenance of the ruling hegemony connected to the global illuminati zionist.

I have been explaining all these years in my speeches and writing how hindutva agenda is an ingredient part of destructive reforms,the genocide culture.

I have explained it earlier why the Indian retailers must die.

No,not only the retailers,but all those who are not members of India incs aligned with multi national companies and US interests may not survive at all and they have no idea about this despite being so connected.

Mergers and acquisitions involving domestic companies jumped to the highest level since 2011 to $26.1 billion during the first nine months this year.

What does it mean?

While RIL began oil production from its KG-D6 block in September 2008 and gas output in April 2009, ONGC, which has made 11 oil and gas discoveries in KG-D5 block, is at least four years away from first gas

What does it mean?

Power generation in the country during April-June was 22 per cent higher than in the same period last year. This was also when there were several reports of coal stocks with power plants close to critical levels.

What does it mean?

Falling for the fourth week in a row, India's foreign exchange reserves fell by $1.415 billion to $314.181 billion in the week to September 26 on account of a hefty drop in non-US currency assets.

What does it mean?

Gold should be put to work for the Indian economy, creating jobs, developing skills, generating exports and revenues, the World Gold Council (WGC) said on Saturday unveiling its Vision 2020 for the industry.

What does it mean?

Just read the Deccan Herald Report:

Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) chief Mohan Bhagwat's customary address on Vijayadashami was telecast on Doordarshan for the first time on Friday, leading to angry reactions from the Congress and other parties.

Bhagwat's address was being watched for his observations on the performance of the Narendra Modi-led government and also cues on its future social and economic policies. Apart from praising the government, Bhagwat called for a complete ban on cow slaughter and meat exports and asked people to stop buying Chinese goods.

He warned that "jihadi" activities were increasing in Kerala and Tamil Nadu and that illegal Bangladeshi immigration could become a danger to Hindu society in West Bengal, Assam and Bihar.

Bhagwat said people should give more time to the government for efficient execution of its policies. "We don't have a magic wand to change but the government seems committed," he said in the address.

Bhagwat said Modi's recent visit to the US had not only sent positive signals but also ushered in enthusiasm among the people of the country. He also lauded the efforts of the Centre and volunteers of the RSS for undertaking rescue work in Jammu and Kashmir during the recent floods.

The RSS chief, whose message was directed at his cadres, also criticised Western nations for their greed and expansionism which, according to him, is the primary cause for the creation of militant bodies like the Islamic State.

Later, as the telecast of his speech sparked a row, Prime Minister Narendra Modi endorsed the RSS chief's observations, saying that "Mohan Bhagwat-ji talked about important national issues in his speech. The issues of social reform that he raised are very relevant today."

The Congress said the use of Doordarshan to air the views of a socio-cultural organisation smacked of discrimination against other organisations of the same description. Former minister Salman Khurshid said, "We do not accept the record of RSS as being above board in terms of our national aspiration. Influence over media channels is worrying."

Congress spokesperson Rashid Alvi said, "DD cannot be made an RSS mouthpiece."CPI member of Parliament D Raja said the government, specifically the Information and Broadcasting Ministry, should explain why DD was allowed to be the mouthpiece of the RSS. He said it was "a disquieting and distressing trend that the country's secular and democratic values were undermined by the government action."

The CPM said: "This is misuse of the public broadcaster for saffron propaganda. The national public broadcaster has no business to telecast live the speech of the chief of an organisation like the RSS."

And it is followed up with a jihadi terror network in Bengal to be investigated by Central agencies.

Burdwan Blasts: Two Women Arrested, Bengal Becoming Terror Haven, says BJP

Reported by Monideepa Banerjie, Edited by Anindita Sanyal (With agency inputs) | Updated: October 05, 2014 21:52 IST


Police suspect the group was involved with a terrorist outfit and they were using the rented house as a shelter.

The National Investigation Agency and the Intelligence Bureau are already probing the possible involvement of terror groups like Lashkar-e-Taiba and Harkat-ul-Jihad-al-Islami. The Special Task Force, the Anti-Terrorism Squad and the Criminal Investigation Department are involved in the probe as well. The agencies have been on their toes following a recent Al Qaeda announcement regarding the setting-up of a module in the Indian subcontinent. (Read: Al Qaeda's India Branch and the Man Who Will Head it)

The arrested women were identified as Rejara Biwi and Amina Biwi. Rejara Biwi's husband Shakil Ahmed was one of the men who died in the blast. Amina Biwi's husband Abdul Hasan was injured. The second person killed in the blast has been identified as Shobhan Mondal. The owner of the house, Hasan Chowdhury, is being questioned.

"Following their interrogation, we have found sufficient evidence to suggest that they are a part of the conspiracy," Assistant Superintendent of Police (Burdwan) Tarun Halder told the news agency Indo-Asian Abroad News Service. The suspected militants had rented the house a few months ago, the police said.

The opposition BJP has accused the Mamata Banerjee government of turning the state into a terrorist haven.

Alleging that a Trinamool Congress office was located on the ground floor of the house, state BJP leader Siddharth Nath Singh accused the Burdwan police of destroying evidence in the case.

"Why was the National Investigation Agency informed almost a day late? We can safely conclude that West Bengal under Mamata Banerjee's rule has become a safe haven for anti-national elements and jihadi activists," he said.

Addressing a press conference in the evening, TMC general secretary Mukul Roy said the BJP and the CPI(M) were merely trying to "disturb the peace and harmony in Bengal". "Mamata Banerjee has never allowed any communal tension in Bengal. Till her last breath, she never will," he said.

Story First Published: October 05, 2014 18:49 IST

Economic Times reports:FINANCIAL SECTOR STEPS UP The finmin and Reserve Bank will forge an agreement for a committee system to decide on policy & rates, much like the framework in the US, UK New Delhi: India is embarking on steps that will lead to the government agreeing to inflation targeting while monetary policy will be decided by a committee, in line with systems in the US and the UK, and marking the start of sweeping changes in the country's financial sector.

Economic Times reports:90% of coal-bearing forests could be mined, says Forest Survey of India

Nearly 90% of coalbearing forest areas could be opened up for mining, with the Forest Survey of India (FSI), the government's top body for assessing and monitoring forests, recommending that mining be barred in just 11% of forest areas with proven reserves of the dry fuel.

The recommendation, if accepted, would increase domestic coal production, and could bring down imports. Environment Minister Prakash Javade kar is expected to make a decision soon.

And finally economic Times reports:

Oct 06 2014 : The Economic Times (Mumbai)

Lotus Blooms in Former Maoist Den Jangalmahal

Tamal Sengupta


MASS EXODUS CPM cadre flock to join the saffron party as BJP turns out to be a major challenge for the ruling Trinamool Congress in an earlier Maoist-affected area in WB

Lotus is abloom in the former Maoist stronghold of Jangalmahal where Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee managed to restore normalcy after military strategist Koteswar Rao alias Kishenji was gunned down by security forces in November 2011.

The BJP is coming up as a major challenger to the ruling Trinamool Congress, which enjoyed political supremacy till January this year after Maoist militancy came to a halt in the three districts of West Midnapore, Purulia and Bankura that are together known as Jangalmahal.

Since May, when Narendra Modi became prime minister, the BJP has enrolled about 110,000 members in the region and opened more than 140 party offices in places like Gopiballavpur, Garbeta, Jhargram in West Midnapore district, Sarenga, Raipur, Saltora Ranibandh and Taldangra in Bankura district and Jhalda, Arsa, Baghmundi, Ayodhaya Hills and Manbazar in Purulia district. All these places were earlier known as "free zone" of the Maoists, who used to kill people and extort money from local rich to run their organisation.

The Trinamool Congress appears to be losing control in this region because of its high-handedness and alleged attempts of some local leaders to extort money from the local people.

Recently, Tarun Nayek of Taldangra in Bankura district, a long-time CPI (M) activist joined the BJP along with about hundred followers and converted the CPI (M) office into a local BJP unit.

"Many local CPI (M) activists in areas like Maoist-infested Raipur, Sarenga, Saltora have joined our party and converted their offices into BJP units," said Subhas Sarkar, a senior BJP leader of Bankura district who was the party candidate from Bankura Lok Sabha constituency this year.

Many poor people whose families suffered economically after Maoists killed their earning members have also contacted him to join the party, said Sarkar.

CPI (M)'s Bankura district secretary Amiya Patra admitted that many of the party's activists had joined the BJP but said this was because "they feel that it might not be possible for us to combat Trinamool Congress which was intensifying terror tactics to strengthen their organisation".

Patra denied knowledge of Patra denied knowledge of the party offices being converted into BJP units, though, while alleging that the BJP was "capturing" offices of Jharkhand Disham Party in many places to open its new units in Bankura.

According to Sarkar, the BJP has opened more than 40 new party offices in the district since May.

Among those who are joining the BJP are family members of seven Forward Bloc activists who were gunned down by the Maoists in Purulia's Baghbinda in December 2010. "We are not willing to disclose the names of these Bloc activists as their families might face Trinamool attacks. But many of these victim families will join us soon," said Bikash Banerjee, the BJP's Purulia district president. The BJP has opened 35 new offices in Purulia district since May, he added.

Tushar Mukherjee, BJP's West Midnapore district president said the party was facing a unique problem.

RAW's relations with the Bangladesh political parties and personalities

by Isha Khan

The Economist of London recently wrote: 'Ever since 2008, when the Awami League, helped by bags of Indian cash and advice, triumphed in general elections in Bangladesh, relations with India have blossomed

​ ​

( ).

A couple of years back an Indian journalist Rajesh Joshi had reported that a political party of a neighbouring country received a fund of Rupees 4.5 crore from RAW in 1991 but the party was defeated (The Indian Express, 28 April 1991). It may be mentioned here that elections were only held in Bangladesh in 1991 in the subcontinent and AL was defeated in that election. Years later weekly Sugandha had a similar story on 24 April 1996.

Political parties, personalities and various outfits had received Indian fund, assistance, training etc in not too distant past. Some references:

'RAW has a long history of activity in Bangladesh, supporting both secular forces and the area's Hindu minority. The involvement of RAW in East Pakistan is said to date from the 1960s, when RAW supported Mujibur Rahman, leading up to his general election victory in 1970. RAW also provided training and arms to the Bangladeshi freedom fighters known as Mukti Bahini. RAW's aid was instrumental in Bangladesh's gaining independence from Pakistan in 1971.'



'The Bangla Desh Operation began a year before the actual operation was underway. Even when the world did get a whiff of it in the shape of the Mukti Bahani, many remained unaware of RAW's involvement. By 1968 Indian operatives had already been in contact with the Mujib faction. Meetings convened in Agartala during 1962-63, between the IB foreign desk operatives ( Sankaran Nair) and the Mujib faction' ( Asoka Raina in "Inside RAW: The Story of India's Secret Service",Vikas Publishing, New Delhi,1981. Also in "RAW in the Freedom Struggle of Bangladesh" by Shastra Dutta Pant (

'The IB before 1968 and the RAW thereafter had built up a network of relationships with many political leaders and Govt officials of East Pakistan' (Role of RAW in Liberation of Bangladesh By B Raman,

' The RAW created 'Mujib Bahini', a special force during liberation war. Mujib Bahini was trained at the headquarters of the Aviation Research Center, RAW's special outfit at Chakrata near Dehradun. The force was headed by Sirajul Alam Khan,Tofael Ahmed, Abdur Razzzak and Fazlul Huq Moni. After the war most members joined Rakkhi Bahini and JSD' (Major General Sujan Singh Uban in his " Phatoms of Chittagong; The Fifth Army in Bangladesh", Allied Publishers, 1985, New Delhi).

'Kaderia Bahini's Tiger Siddiqui , who had contacts with the RAW crossed over the border in 1975.The Indian govt's support to Siddiqui is reported to have continued via RAW' (Asoka Raina in "Inside RAW: The Story of India's Secret Service",Vikas Publishing, New Delhi,1981).

The Chakma guerrillas had closely assisted RAW operatives. They were assisted during and after the liberation War. The Chakmas, after the change of govt in 1975, contacted the RAW and offered to infiltrate among the Mizo rebels and pass on information to the Indian govt in lieu of assylum. This offer was accepted (Inside RAW : The Story of India's Secret Service, Asoka Raina, pp.86-87). The Indian intelligence had collaborated the armed rebels of Chittagong Hill Tracts to destabilise the region ( Indo-Bangladesh Relation, Motiur Rahman, daily Prothom Alo, 10 December 2002).

​In 1975, the RAW was instructed to assist the Chakma rebels with arms, supplies , bases and training. Training was conducted in the border camps in Tripura but specialized training was imparted at Chakrata near Dehra Doon. Shantu Larma's Shanti Bahini members were flown to Chakrata and then sent back to Tripura to infiltrate into Chittagong Hill Tracts. A RAW office and its operatives at Agartala monitored the progress of the trainees. In 1976, the Shanti Bahini launched its first attack on the Bangladesh force. A new insurgency had been born and India's secret war in the hills of Bangladesh had begun ( South Asia's Fractured Frontier, by Binalaksmi Nepram, Mittal Pablishers, New Delhi, 2002, pp-153).​

Swadhin Bangobhumi Andolon/Banga Sena once led by former AL leader Chitta Ranjan Sutar also enjoy similar help from India ( "Antaraler Sheikh Mujib", Dr Kalidas Baidya, Kolkata, 2005).


Burdwan Blasts: Two Women Arrested, Bengal Becoming Terror Haven, says BJP

NDTV - ‎18 hours ago‎

The National Investigation Agency and the Intelligence Bureau are already probing the possible involvement ofterror groups like Lashkar-e-Taiba and Harkat-ul-Jihad-al-Islami. The Special Task Force, the Anti-TerrorismSquad and the Criminal Investigation ...

Burdwan blast: BJP says Mamata regime turning West Bengal into a safe haven ...

IBNLive - ‎21 hours ago‎

The BJP accused the TMC government of providing safe haven to terrorists. "We can safely conclude that West Bengal under Mamata Banerjee's rule has become a safe haven for anti-national elements and jihadi activities," alleged BJP Secretary Siddharth ...

Burdwan blast: 2 women held, cops hunt for links to other terror outfits

Hindustan Times - ‎Oct 5, 2014‎

The CID of West Bengal police is looking into possible involvement of terror outfits like Lashkar-e-Taiba and Harkat-ul-Jihad al-Islami in the blast. It is suspected that the victims of the explosion were associated with a militant outfit as a large number of watch ...

Burdwan Bomb Blast: Two Women Arrested in West Bengal; Police Suspect LeT ...

International Business Times, India Edition - ‎19 hours ago‎

The police suspect that the two women, Amina Bibi and Rajira Bibi, are members of terrorist groups, based on evidences recovered from the spot. Two suspected militants Shakil Ahmed and Sovan Mandal were found dead after the explosion in Khagragarh ...

Burdwan Blast - Terror Nexus ?

Niticentral - ‎1 hour ago‎

An explosion in Burdwan town of West Bengal on Thursday killed two people and led to a cache of more than 50 Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs), other explosives and wires recovered from a flat. Security agencies are now trying to find out if the IEDs ...

Two women arrested in connection with Burdwan blast in West Bengal

Daily News & Analysis - ‎Oct 5, 2014‎

The CID of West Bengal police is looking into possible involvement of terror outfits like LeT and HuJI in the blast which left two suspected militants dead. Rajira Bibi had said she and her husband were staying in the house for about three months, while Amina ...

Burdwan: Al Qaeda hand behind blast? West Bengal govt denies finding link

Firstpost - ‎1 hour ago‎

According to the news report, one of the pamphlets featured the name of Ayman al-Zawahiri, the al Qaeda leader who had last month announced the formation of the terror outfit's branch in the Indian subcontinent, wading into a region ripe with fierce ...

Al-Qaeda unit behind blasts in Burdwan district of West Bengal: NIA

Deccan Chronicle - ‎12 hours ago‎

Kolkata: The explosion in a house in Khagragarh, Burdwan, has blown the lid off a sleeper cell of a new terroroutfit, according to the National Investigation Agency (NIA). After three days of investigation, the Central agency has zeroed in on the activities of Al ...

Man arrested in connection with Burdwan explosion

Zee News - ‎34 minutes ago‎

The CID of West Bengal is probing the involvement of terror outfits LeT and HuJI in the incident. Shortly after the incident, the Bharatiya Janata Party had accused the Mamata Banerjee government in the state of covering it up. It also accused the WestBengal ...

One More Arrested in West Bengal Blast Case

The New Indian Express - ‎2 hours ago‎

... about 70 km from here on Sunday, was formally arrested on Monday, DIG (Operations), CID Dilip Adak told PTI. Two women were arrested on Sunday in connection with the blast in which involvement of terror outfits like LeT and HuJI is being suspected.

Under fire, Mamata Banerjee sets up special team to investigate Burdwan blast ...

IBNLive - ‎15 hours ago‎

The CID of West Bengal police was looking into possible involvement of terror outfits like Lashkar-e-Toiba and Harkat-ul Jihadi al-Islami in the blast which left two suspected terrorists dead. It is suspected that the victims of the explosion were associated with a ...

Bengal home secretary holds press conference on Burdwan blast

Times of India - ‎17 hours ago‎

Bengal home secretary Basudeb Banerjee conducted a press conference at Bhavani Bhavan on Sunday night to clarify that the state police was co-operating with the NIA and SIB, refuting some media reports regarding the blast at Khagragarh in Burdwan ...

Two women held for Burdwan blast

Deccan Herald - ‎12 hours ago‎

Two women held for Burdwan blast. Burdwan(WB)/New Delhi, Oct 5, 2014 : Two women were arrested and a man detained on Sunday in connection with the Burdwan blast in West Bengal that left two suspected militants dead. The ruling Trinamool Congress, Bharatiya Janata Party and the CPM were locked in a blame game over the incident in which the role of terror groups is being probed. Burdwan Superintendent of Police S M H Mirza said the two women—Rajira Bibi alias Rumi hailing from Karimpur in Nadia ...

Investigating agencies looking into terror angle of blast

Business Standard - ‎Oct 4, 2014‎

The CID of West Bengal police is looking into possible involvement of terror outfits like LeT and HuJI in the October 2 blast in Burdwan town which left two suspected militants dead. "We are looking into all aspects. This is not the right moment to make a ..

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